Trading Corn for Mangoes and Spicy Creamy Smoky Sweet Corn Recipe

My current corn series began yesterday with Corn for Supper. However, last night I found out that I’m a finalist in the National Mango Board Mango Mentor Contest. That’s right, I could be your very own Mango Mentor. Just go to this Facebook page, scroll down to Christine, click play and vote for me while you learn how to cut a mango. It feels strange to be talking corn when I’m thinking mango. I’ve decided to give in. Next week I’ll be talking all mango all the time. If you were looking forward to more corniness, don’t worry. I’ve got some corn and mango ideas that I want to try. And, to show that I do care about your corn-love, I’ve got my favorite ever corn recipe for you today. ...more

Best Guacamole Recipe from the Heart of Texas

The best guacamole I’ve ever devoured was whipped up by my Cowboy in a flash. Hailing from the heart of Texas where Mexican food and Tex Mex abounds, it made good sense for me to pick up some cooking tips from him.  ...more

Meatless Mondays: Black Bean Fiesta Veggie Burgers from Happy Healthy Life

Let's be honest; veggie burgers can be a little ho-hum, wouldn't you agree? But these Black Bean Fiesta Veggie Burgers from Happy Healthy Life are loaded with flavor from black beans, sweet potatoes, onion, garlic, lime, jalapeno, and lots of other tasty seasonings, and then they're topped with a fabulous-looking Cilantro-Jicama Fiesta Slaw.  This is something I'd love to eat any day of the week! ...more

I think vegans or non-vegans alike will love this.

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An American Pastime

Today ends the third week of hubby being in Oregon. Only two to go and I realized the list I compiled for myself at the beginning of his trip, the list of things I wanted to do while he was gone, is still completely intact. In fact, I think it's gotten longer....more

Gremolata: Green stuff the kids might not like, but that's o.k.

My son will eat anything as long as it doesn’t have flecks of green on it. Broccoli is fine but if it’s tossed into chicken soup such that little green globules attach themselves to the carrots, then neither the carrots, the broccoli, nor anything else in the soup gets eaten. This goes for all green flecks. For awhile, I avoided herbs entirely because using them meant having to rinse off all his food before he’d eat it....more

Red Snapper Fish Tacos

Ingredients: Fish Tacos 1 lb Red Snapper 1 cup Flour 1 Egg 1 cup Panko Bread Crumbs 1 tsp Black Pepper 1/4 tsp Chipotle 1 tsp Dried Ci...more

My favorite recipe so far!

Black Bean Soup: Something Easy to do in the Snow and Cold

Black bean or any other kind of soup, there's nothing better in the winter than a big bowl of soup, right?  The Accidental Locavore loves soup, thick and chunky, however almost anything hot will do when the temperature drops. And while there are soups like French onion, that take a long time, there are a lot of great quick soups like this black bean soup, that will really hit the spot in no time....more

A Month of Side Dishes: Red Quinoa Corn Salad

Have you heard of red quinoa? My friend Janet introduced me to this seed crop from the Andes where ancient Incas revered it and referred to quinoa as the "Mother of all Grains". It is a high protein, high fiber "grain" similar to oats in that it has all 20 essential amino acids nutritionally important for humans. Best of all, it's easily digestible and gluten-free so it's a boon to people with difficulties digesting gluten....more

Yummy Mexican Lemonade

A friend of mine introduced me to this Mexican Lemonade recipe.  When she told me the ingredients, I thought she was crazy if she thought I would even taste it.  It doesn't seem like the three ingredients belong together.  So after a couple minutes of me acting like a child and refusing to taste the drink, I gave in and took a sip.  To my surprise it was really good!  If you've never had it before, you should try it.  If you have had it before, let me know what you think of it....more