Happy Cinco De Mayo - My Favorite Recipes


Spice Up This Year's Cinco de Mayo with a Treat

Think you can handle spicy flavors?  Try this Spicy Mexican Brownie Cake with crushed red peppers and sour cream frosting.  It's absolutely delicious with a spicy sweet flavor.  For recipe, tips and photos see www.UrbanBakes.com.  Enjoy! ...more

Enchiladas, Margaritas and Micheladas - Ole!

I feel the same about Cinco de Mayo as I do about St Patrick’s Day. Both have become perverted by the alcohol industry in America (particularly the beer industry). What started as a celebration of ethnic pride has in many cases just turned into an excuse to go out and drink heavily. Ugh! So, am I selling out by sharing some Mexican recipes? Probably, but there is a slight irony to today’s recipe....more

Tres Leches Cake...The Fearless Cook bakes

I was in Super Walmart a couple of weeks ago, picking up odds and ends. I wandered over to the baking aisle and this cake mix caught my eye.  Tres Leches cake. I had only heard of it a couple of years ago when at a graduation party. Living in the Western U.S....more

So I was reading an article in my local newspaper last week that had a Tres Leches Strawberry ...more


Cooking in Heels  ...more

Weekend Menu Planning: Margarita-Themed Food for Cinco de Mayo

Many Americans believe Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day, but Mexico actually won independence from Spain on September 15, 1810. Instead, Cinco de Mayo is the anniversary of a historic battle on May 5, 1862, in which Mexican troops prevented French armies from taking control of Mexico. The holiday isn't widely celebrated in Mexico except in certain areas, but in the U.S. it's become significant as a time to partake of festive South-of-the-border food and drink. For this issue of Weekend Menu Planning, I'm suggesting margarita-themed foods that would be perfect for the holiday or to mark the imminent arrival of summer! ...more

Have fun trying something though.

Kalyn Denny