(INTERVIEW) Peggy Orenstein on How Playing Princess Affects Girls

Last summer at Epcot, we were getting on the Figment ride when the cast member smiled at my daughter and said, "there you go, Princess." And as our little tram jerked into the laboratory, my daughter whispered, "but how did he know? How did he know that I am a real and actual princess?" ...more
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The Problem with Jack Sparrow: On Pirates, Princesses & Kids' Play

Let's take pirates, for example. Pirates are awesome, right? We love it when little boys - and especially little girls - want to dress up as pirates and engage in play swashbuckling. They're like teeny Jack Sparrows! How adorable! But when we celebrate pirate play - over, say, princess play - what is it, exactly, that we're celebrating? ...more

The whole problem with encouraging little princesses and little pirates is that some children ...more