Cinnamon Spiced Brownies

This is not your average brownie. It is soft and dense and delicately spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger. The top of the brownie is then generously sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Finger lickin' good. ...more

Simply Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Simply Cinnamon Coffee CakeAn easy to make coffee cake that fits your craving anytime of the day from breakfast to dessert .. and all the coffee breaks and snacks in between....more

The Miracle of Cinnamon!

It's rare that we read about something that taste really good to find out that it's healthy for us, too. Cinnamon is both of these things....more
nanee123 I am so sorry to hear about the problems you and your niece are having in your ...more

Cinnamon Crescent Rolls

First let me start off by saying that I am so glad that immediately after pulling these out of the oven  I put 2 aside to take this picture!  By the time I had actually taken the picture, my husband already eaten THREE of the 8 that I made!!! I mean, I knew they were going to be good, but give it a minute!!...more

Cinnamon Applesauce Bread

It’s finally mid-March and spring is just around the corner (or so I’m telling myself). The weather this past week has been crazy! Monday started off nice, with temperatures in the upper 40’s. Snow was beginning to melt and I could see brown patches of grass showing up everywhere. But I had to remind myself not to get too excited, because after all, this is Chicago weather. By Wednesday, we got hit with yet another snowstorm. And  do you know what’s even harder to believe? On Friday, temperatures were in the mid 50’s, and then today, back to the 20’s....more

Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Quick and easy, Mini Cinnamon Rolls are made without yeast, so they can be prepared in minutes. Since there is no yeast in the recipe, there is no need for kneading and proofing. Also, you don’t need any special pan or muffin tin to make these sweet little buns. Simple roll the dough into a long string, cut into 1 inch pieces and bake on your regular baking sheet. To make it easier to understand how to make these homemade cinnamon roll bites, I included several photos of step-by-step process. more......more

Sea Salt Caramel, Cinnamon & Vanilla Butter

Photo credit: Nancy Anne Harbord...more

Classic Cinnamon Coffee Cake


Cinnamon Buns with a Sticky, Yummy, Unforgettable Glaze that makes you Glad You’re Alive, Glaze

Tis the season for baking but the amount of butter and sugar in cinnamon buns is really, really not helping anyone's waistline.   So I set out to change the world of naughty cinnamon buns and this is what I came up with.   These are gooey and yummy without being overly sweet.  Since I added a super sweet glaze, I was able to cut a lot of sugar out of the dough and the rolls, and you can't even tell!