NaBloPoMo: The Perfect Company

What would the Perfect Company be if you could design it? Would you work remotely? Would you have unlimited vacation? Would you have a fabulous healthcare plan for all employees and their families (partnered people included)? Would you have great recreation opportunities? Travel? Social Justice minded? What would it look like?...more

Cub Scout flag raising at school

Charlie’s Cub Scout group is small. I mean like only 3-4 boys small. We don’t have Dens, just the Pack. That’s okay really. I kinda like the focus on quality instead of quantity. That being said, Hubby as the Assistant Cubmaster and the official Cubmaster in the fall, wants to focus on growing the Pack this summer....more
That is awesome! What a great lesson for kids to learn at an early age :)more

We're Sorry, That's Not Official Unless We Say It Is.

I have this friend Inger.  We met over 20 years ago when both of us were younger and wilder, we met on the road.  By "on the road" I mean that both of us were traveling around, working at Renaissance Festivals for a living.  I always liked her, because she struck me as smart, independent, and fun.  We didn't get too close back then, mostly because neither one of us got 'too close' with anyone back then....more

What an eye opener, Lucretia!! This story sickens me because it's just so sad and unfair. ...more

Debate Over "Birthright Citizenship" Opens Historical Wounds

In May, I wrote about efforts by some state legislators and members of Congress to deny US citizenship to children born in the United States to parents lacking proof of legal US residency.  Now, a prominent Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham, has rankled members of his own party and even prominent anti-immigration activists by suggesting it's time to change the 14th amendment  to the Constitution, which guarantees citizenship to people "born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof."   ...more
You are mistaken. You are required to have your driver's license when driving. Otherwise, we are ...more

When the Reporter is a Poet, We See the News Differently

Poets as reporters and social analysts use the power of the lyrical message. It doesn’t matter if it is oral, written or performance based poetry. The structure and the skill of delivery keep the art form alive and fulfill an important function; we are not alone. Poets need to tell others what is happening, provide perspective, analysis and context to events. There is almost no subject that you can think of that doesn’t have some form of poetry attached to it. ...more

I like what you said the first reporters were poets. It's true poets are messengers like winged ...more

Eighth Grade Graduation: The American Coming-of-Age

Two dresses: one for the actual ceremony and one for the party after. Matching shoes, of course. Manicure, pedicure (OK, I couldn’t resist). Hair softly curled like Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl fame). I even allowed her to wear make-up (shimmering pink lip gloss and iridescent eye shadow) for the first time. All this because my daughter was graduating from eighth grade. ...more

Rituals tend to become less meaningful when applied in a broad-brush fashion. The graduation ...more

Economic Citizenship: The Political Economy of Handknitting

Of Economic Citizenship:  The Political Economy of Handknitting If America is to survive, We the People must rediscover how to be We the People.  Which means: citizens.  Which means: responsible members of this civilization.  Which means: citizenship is more than a legal status and a set of rights and entitlements.  It requires living and acting responsibly in the political, economic, social and cultural realms that, several generations of so-called social scientists to the contrary, cannot be separated. ...more

The Political Economy of Cowardice and the Russian Connection

Run yesterday in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.    Guest Columnist: The political economy of cowardice and the Russian connection ERIN SOLARO "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." ...more

Valkyrie: Tom Cruise's Unwanted Masterpiece

Valkyrie:  A Wonderful Gift No One Wants Valkyrie is rich movie, proud and dark and grieving, offered as a gift to a nation hanging by a thread, at the time of year when it seems even the sun itself can be defeated, not only a terrific thriller but a richly nuanced masterpiece of moral and emotional complexity. ...more


Should the Ugandan baby born over Canadian airspace have a right to Canadian citizenship?

  I was lurking around trying to find more information about the case of the Ugandan woman, flying from Amsterdam to Boston, who gave birth on the plane on New Year's Eve in Canadian Airspace. ...more

All good points. I was surprised hows quickly American officials stated the baby would be ...more