A City Crush

If I Could Crawl Between the Skyscrapers

(Because I was feeling too lazy to write a post last night, this is a post from my old blog that I've repurposed here today.)...more

No Fear

Moving from the suburbs to the heart of the city a couple of years ago meant more than a change in geography. It was an entire change of lifestyle -- one I don't regret. I don't miss much about the suburbs, not even the assumed safety of the suburbs compared to the city. ...more

Homes and Houses, Cities and Suburbs

Tim and I have spent a good deal of time over the past few days debating about what we want the next step in our lives to be. We've been looking at houses and town homes in the suburbs of Chicago, and we've found quite a few that we really like and could feasibly afford....more

How to Get Your Hair to Thank You

One month into small town living it was time to get a much needed haircut. Not being a local I chose the salon in town that had the poshest sign. Inside I had my appointment with a young woman who informed me that it was her first week at the salon. Reflecting back on the experience I am fairly confident it was her first week working with hair....more

Pet Peeves

Anyone who's read enough of my blog will know without a doubt that I love this dear city that I have called home since late 2007. And with Spring in the air, like last year, I am filled with a building excitement at the promise of many a beautiful day ahead, cycling through the streets, sitting along the river banks, glass of wine in hand and all the other treats that come hand-in-hand with Spring/Summer Berlin style....more

Six Things You Quickly Learn When You Move to a Small Town

Living in a small town was never on my life's to do list. In fact, never in a million years did I think I would be living in small town let alone be a stay-at-home mom. I always thought by this point in my life I would be on my way towards starting my own consulting firm. But that was then and this is now.   ...more

Let the Battle Rage

http://projectsupermom.blogspot.com/2010/11/let-battle-rage.html Finally! Our representatives have grown a pair and have drawn a line in the sand against the fast food industry, on our behalf. In a nearly unanimous vote by city officials, fast food operators in San Francisco can no longer give away toys in kid's meals, unless they meet certain standards...much higher than what these restaurants currently hold for themselve...in sodium, fat, sugar, fruit, vegetable, beverage, and caloric content....more

Developing Connective Tissue in Downtown

Nobody argued when David Panagore announced that "We are the epitome of the Eisenhower Interstate system." Those with an interest in downtowns would be hard-pressed to justify any continuation of advocacy for the poor designs that have dissected cities, sucking the life force out of them. Today, we are given the task of recreating a vibrant downtown, which means addressing issues like walkability. Hartford's Chief Operating Officer, David Panagore, participated on Monday evening in a HYPE (Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs) sponsored discussion regarding the direction of development in downtown. The MetroHartford Alliance Conference Room on Pratt Street was filled, allowing for a fairly intimate conversation between about two dozen individuals who had some interest -- they live, work, or recreate -- in downtown. Panagore explained how the "Six Pillars" were a fine goal to have at one point, but now, to complete the economic development, these pieces (Connecticut Convention Center, Capital Community College moving into former G.Fox building, etc.) must be connected. Two ways of creating connections is through sustainable communities and the iQuilt project, which he said is a great concept, but bears a bad name. ...more