Michigan Take Back Your State

Rick Snyder plans will destroy Michigan. He plans to privatize our schools, our cities and break the backs of the unions that protect workers. It is time to remind him and all politicians that they serve the public. They are servants not master....more

(VIDEO) First Black Female MP Diane Abbott Bids for Britain's Labour Party Leadership -- Why She's One to Watch

UPDATE June 9: After the withdrawal of John Mc Donnell, Diane Abbott secured the 33 nominations needed to secure a spot on the ballot in the leadership elections this fall. News reports and blog reactions here: ...more

America's Embrace of Fascism

There’s a lot of the world socialism being thrown around these days. However, the US couldn’t be farther away from socialism. That’s because it’s actually fascist....more

Hard Lessons from the Soviet Union

The collapse of the 71 year old Soviet empire in 1989 stemmed mainly from the collapse of the Soviet economy, due to an unwinnable war in Afghanistan and a blown out military budget. The parallels with current US economic and geopolitical problems are obvious. Other similarities include the fact that the citizens of the US have lost any ability to influence their own government, as well as being stripped of basic civil liberties they are supposedly guaranteed under the Constitution....more

Prison Preacher Back in Pulpit After ACLU Suit

Late last month, an ordained Pentecostal preacher and prison inmate regained the right to preach and teach Bible study classes as a result of lawsuit settlement brokered by the American Civil Liberties Union. The settlement with the New Jersey Attorney General rescinds a 2007 ban on preaching in the New Jersey State Prison and gives Howard N. Thompson, Jr. permission to conduct religious services under the supervision of the prison chaplain or his designate. ...more

It was a long post with a long quote in the middle, and so I'm not surprised the conclusion ...more

Obama Administration Support for PATRIOT ACT Renewal Worries Civil Libertarians

Last week, the US Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill reauthorizing controversial provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act that, according to civil libertarians, unnecessarily compromise American citizens' privacy rights. What's worse, the legislation reportedly has the support of the Obama administration, despite the fact that its most troubling provisions were opposed by then-Sen. Obama in 2005. ...more

My senators and asking what they're doing about it.

Thanks for the heads ...more

To the Dismay of Many Supporters, Obama Mulls Preventive Detention

In a speech on national security last Thursday at the National Archives, Pres. Barack Obama said he would work with Congress to create a "legal framework" enabling the indefinite detention of some detainees currently being held at Guantanamo Bay. The announcement has prompted vocal criticism from civil libertarians and prompted others to note remarkable similarities between Pres. Obama's terror policies and those of the Bush ...more

I HOPE Obama isn't going to become a bait a switch politician.  If he does, I think I will ...more

Naomi Wolf and the End of America

After studying how once-democratic nations slide into fascism, writer Naomi Wolf came to a horrifying conclusion: in the last five years, the United States has taken all of the steps that have historically led to the end of republican government. Wolf issued a call to patriotic dissent in her 2007 book, The End of America: Letter of Warning to A Young Patriot. A sample chapter is available here (.pdf). ...more

Why are people not paying attention..stop just nodding and hmming..DO ...more

Obama compromise on FISA worries some supporters

Last week, the US House of Representatives passed a "compromise" version of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that gives the President additional authority to conduct surveillance on American citizens while providing immunity to telecommunications companies that have cooperated with previous Bush administration warrantless surveillance efforts. The bill goes to the Senate for a vote this week. Sen. ...more

You know, I buy what he says about how the bill is better than it was and how the necessity ...more