Ferguson and Voter Suppression

I suspect St. Louis County, Missouri, has a voter suppression problem....more
nordette_verite owillis You must be reading some other tweet and responding to mine. Or you ...more

A Woman, Phenomenally: What Maya Angelou Taught Me

There’s an accusation, especially recently in our culture, about people who fight for social justice. We’re accused of perpetuating a victim mentality. People mistake our stories and our experiences for manifestations of victimhood. We’re told not to wallow. We’re told to rise above, and in many cases, to put aside and forget our experiences almost as if they don’t matter at all.In times when I am accused of these things, I like to remember Maya Angelou....more
I join you in being inspired by Maya Angelou. Thank you for this testimonial. I am a survivor of ...more

Do White People Need a Civil Rights Organization?

Originally posted on ChapterTK.com“Why can we have organizations like the NAACP but no organizations for white people?”...more

Don't Miss the Documentary on Alice Walkers' Life, Activism and Art on PBS 'American Masters'

This weekend, author and activist Alice Walker will celebrate her 70th birthday.  An American Masters showing of a documentary exploring her life and work premieres on PBS tonight, sharing the remarkable story of Walker's early life as a sharecropper's daughter, through her awakening as an artist and an activist, and on to through her contemporary written work and controversial global advocacy.  ...more
Alice Walker is a known and vocal anti-Semite. This makes it more difficult to admire or see her ...more

Inspiration Sunday – Nina Simone, Artist and Civil Rights Activist

Nina Simone was a talented pianist, singer,and activist.  She spoke her mind and spoke up for what she believed. She talked the talk - or sang the song. She first learned to speak up at age 12 when she was about to play the piano at a church recital and her parents were told to move from the front to the back row due to their race.  She refused to play until her parents were allowed to return to the front row. ...more

Marching with Trayvon and Martin Luther King, Jr.

To a young person, the civil rights movement seems like ancient history.  The March on Washington in 1963 occurred in a very different time, before a man walked on the moon,  before color TV, before microwaves, or hybrid cars.  Protestors wore suits and ties, skirts and gloves, and high heeled shoes not meant for walking blocks to the Lincoln Memorial.  Even so, many expected riots and violence.  Toops were called out.  Tensions were high, and Washingtonians were on edge....more

The Finale of Groundbreaking Show The Fosters: Brilliant Casting!

From 1998 to 2002, a TV series called Any Day Now captured my devoted attention. It starred Annie Potts as Mary Elizabeth (M.E.) Sims and Lorraine Toussant as Rene Jackson. The two grew up together in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960's. Despite their difference in race and the upheavals and violence of the civil rights movement swirling all around them in Birmingham, they were best friends. I'm happy to see Potts and Toussant together again in The Fosters, which sees its season finale Aug. 5. ...more
@shabish2002 Have you heard that Lorraine Toussaint is going to be in season 2 of Orange is the ...more

Homo Sacer: The State of Exception in Violation of Trayvon Martin's Civil Rights

In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict everyone is being reminded that America is a nation of laws, the jury has spoken and that we should respect the verdict. Is it lawful to take the life of another when they were not doing anything unlawful? In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict everyone is being reminded that America is a nation of laws, the jury has spoken and that we should respect the verdict. Is it lawful to take the life of another when they were not doing anything unlawful?...more

What this Black Girl learned from today's gay rights movement

Some would never suspect that the 1st third of my life was spent as an artistic type who skipped through the halls of my high-school barefoot in a pinafore dress and paintbrushes pushed through my hair. Yep, I went to a performing arts high school and was surrounded by the  quirky, good people some would call freaks. The experience allowed this proud freak to encounter otherness and to BE other on a daily basis. One such other was the quintessential male gay best friend who, in those days, had no clue they were gay(maybe they did and hid it)....more

Why HRC's Equality Sign Made Me See Red

Last week, in support of gay marriage being argued before the Supreme Court (California's Prop. 8 and DOMA, specifically), a few million folks changed their Facebook profile photo to the red equal sign created by the Human Rights Campaign....more
Interesting article.  I saw those icons all over lately, but I find it easy to put something ...more