Born Strong

Ladies, while growing up and expected to be "the weaker sex" , at what point did you feel strong and what made you feel that way?  I'm paraphrasing but, that was the question that author, college professor and fellow blogger Rebecca Hains asked her readers recently on her Facebook page.  After giving it some thought I discovered that this is a harder question to answer than I thought it should be, but I couldn't figure out why.  Why couldn't I think of when I felt that it was okay to be strong or that moment that made me feel strong? ...more
Barbarahughes  I think most of us grow into our strength later in our lives particularly after ...more

"Post Racial America???"

“Post Racial America”Posted by MizzRebelution on January 10, 2014On November 4th 2008, when Barack Oba...more

Inspiration Sunday – Nina Simone, Artist and Civil Rights Activist

Nina Simone was a talented pianist, singer,and activist.  She spoke her mind and spoke up for what she believed. She talked the talk - or sang the song. She first learned to speak up at age 12 when she was about to play the piano at a church recital and her parents were told to move from the front to the back row due to their race.  She refused to play until her parents were allowed to return to the front row. ...more

Another Perspective on "The Help"

The Help by Kathryn Stockett has been a publishing, and now a movie, phenom. On the immediate surface, it is a nicely written story of triumph over racism by oppressed black maids. But scratch that surface just a tiny bit, heck just blow some of the dust off of it, and you are left with some considerable problematic issues at the heart of the book....more

Rest In Peace, Odetta, the Voice of the Civil Rights Movement

I meant to write something about Odetta's passing when I heard about it on December 3rd, but it's taken me this long to process it. ...more

The Political Rhetoric of Race and Racism Invokes Historical Perspective and Potential Backlash

Race continues to be a factor in the presidential campaign this year and in recent weeks has been raised as an issue in ways that have led observers to analyze the issue through historical lenses. Nicholas Kristof, in an Op-Ed in the New York Times noted that there was a "push to 'otherize' Obama." Kristof describes some of the forms this otherization is taking: ...more

I appreciate you letting me know that my post is something that you found useful in providing ...more

Freedom® – A Rose in Honor of Rosa Parks.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, eco-lifestyle retailer introduces Freedom® – A Rose in Honor of Rosa Parks. Universally revered as the Mother of the modern day Civil Rights Movement, this new rose pays tribute to Rosa Parks’ birthday on February 4th and features lush, vibrant red, large-headed, long-stemmed, long lasting roses with minimal thorns in one or two-dozen bouquet options. ...more