Autism Awareness, Perspective Taking and Freedom

Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.                                        ...more

President Obama and the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King: From Protest to Politics

President Barack Obama led his nation in the commemoration of the 81st birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King yesterday, drawing a parallel between the challenges faced by generations of freedom fighters and those facing contemporary Americans enduring a "hard winter" of financial hardship, war and persistent inequalities. ...more

Thank you for connecting some dots so clearly and so well. I think your reasoning is spot on and ...more

The Iran Dilemma

There's been a lot of back and forth this past week over the best way to recognize the protests in Iran without giving the mullocracy the incentive to use. Many have criticized the way in which President Obama responded to the election fallout in Iran and the uprising of the Iranian people. Says Kim Priestap: ...more

Very well said, pcisbs. And, you're exactly right. Did you see Obama yukking it up last night ...more

On Sonia Sotomayor and the Process of Inclusion

I have thought long and hard about writing this post about Judge Sonia Sotomayor and the racial debate touched off by what I think is a misreading of her 2001 speech, "A Latina Judge's Voice." ...more


“Learn our language or leave!” If you've said this before you are a conservative. And conservatives are no fun. I waited tables with a middle aged woman who when not in her work uniform followed the hippie dress code very closely, decked out in patches, bell bottoms and a paisley 'do rag to go with her hemp necklace. One particularly busy evening in the kitchen she storms in yelling at the dishwasher with whom she puts little to no effort in communicating effectively and then ...more

Protect Family Planning Funding

By Alison Mondi In a time of economic uncertainty, unnerving budget deficits, and ever-worsening employment and revenue figures, it is understandable that the legislators and agency heads charged with setting the state’s budget for the next two years are inclined to reach for the hatchet. ...more

Net Activists Push for the Release of Jamie and Gladys Scott

Jamie and Gladys Scott have been in a Mississippi prison since 1994, serving two consecutive double life terms for an armed robbery in which no one was injured. Moreover, they insist that they were not involved, and testimony from a trial transcript published online has witnesses contradicting themselves. ...more

Expanded Relations with Cuba? No Cigar is Worth This

It was a meeting to discuss expanded relations with Cuba (despite Vice President Biden's position against it) yet the accounts sound as though those who attended had met Joe Jonas and not one of the most brutal dictators in world history. ...more

What is to be done about property confiscated from 4th generation inhabitants who were deported ...more

The Iowa Supreme Court Decision & Same Sex Marriage

Back in December, I wrote, Gay Marriage is a Human Right, Not a Religious Issue and rooted my argument in the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution and then to a lesser extend, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with its provision that marriage and procreation are fundamental human rights.  ...more

I don't think it's an accident that this court made this opinion "cert proof".  For ...more