Seems like my last post, "Obama Caint Choose Kaine", riled some folks up. ...more

Police Cruelty To Dogs

Acts of Cruelty by Police Officers PublicTuesday, 19 August 2008 ...more

40 Years Later, Dr. King Still Asks Us: Where Do We Go From Here?

Today's blog post started in anger. I had been seething in recent days over Pat Buchanan's factually-distorted, ahistorical diatribe in response to Barack Obama's speech on race. It wasn't merely Buchanan's snide contention that: [N]o people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. ...more

I am glad that you are here, and I am sure that the world is glad for your ...more

Florida: Pass the ERA

Cross-posted from Florida Netroots Passing the Equal Rights Amendment is long overdue. So far, it has been ratified by 35 of the necessary 38 states. Currently in the Florida Legislature there are two concurrent resolutions, one in the House (HCR 8001) and one in the Senate (SCR 362) for our state to ratify the amendment. It can pass this year! You can help make it happen by calling and/or emailing your state representative and senator to urge them to support it. ...more

Ruby Bridges, Child Civil Rights Pioneer


Headline as Haiku

The headline summed it up so accurately it made my teeth hurt: "Republican Unity Trumps Democratic Momentum" ...more

Santa Gives 37,000 Copies of Constitution to Bush for Christmas

Santa Claus made an early delivery this year, stopping at the White House on Thursday to give President George W. Bush more than 37,000 copies of the U.S. Constitution which citizens want him to read before he makes his New Year’s resolutions. ...more

Sex Discrimination Class Action? We'll See on Monday

Cross-posted from TortDeform.Com: On Monday, a judge will decide whether a sex discrimination claim by two former sales workers at EMC can turn into a class action lawsuit against the company, which has logged more than 40 EEOC complaints of sex discrimination, and 12 Title VII sex discrimination lawsuits since 2001. ...more