Showtime's "Homeland" Returns with Gripping Spy Drama (Spoilers)

Homeland is the spy show to end all spy shows. And since I love, love, love a good spy show, I had last night's Homeland second season premiere circled on my calendar. Only Game of Thrones' return last spring had me as excited.courtesy of Showtime...more
I’m totally with you – I’ve had Homeland’s premiere on my calendar for WEEKS. The sad thing is ...more

You've Come A Long Way Baby?

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My So-Called Spoken Life: Vol. 1

 Sometimes you get tired of reading, I get it. I'm about to make it a little easier on you....more

Temple Grandin, the HBO Movie, and My Son

by Tamar Bihari This past weekend saw the cable TV premiere of a movie about animal behavior expert and autism advocate Temple Grandin. WVFC contributor Tamar Bihari writes about watching the film with her son, who had been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. ...more

Thank you for the story and the link to such a terrific ...more