The End

Every summer we take a trip to Montauk with our cousins. It has become a family tradition that we look forward to all year. We pack the minivan to capacity and head out on NY-27 to the End, as Montauk is often referred to. Once we finally arrive at our dive motel, the kids’ scream “Montauk!” and the fun begins.Most people would define vacation as a time devoted to rest and relaxation. But our kids never seem to get that memo. Strangely, their energy level seems to increase exponentially as the days goes by....more

Creamy Chowders Warm Body and Soul on Cool Winter Evenings

Controversy is not usually my cup of tea. (I'm more of an Earl Grey gal)....more
Mmmm, chowder. Potatoes, bacon, crab, corn, some more bacon and lots of cream and onions. Dinner!more

Ultimate New England Clam Chowder Recipe - Served in Home-Baked Bread Bowls

Benjamin Daymon's Tastes & Travels   Ultimate New England Clam Chowder Recipe Includes recipe for homemade bread bowls for serving chowder, chili, party dips, etc... ...more


I'd been telling everyone that when I get back to my hometown this July, I'll eat each and every food that I have missed here in the U.S. (I'm not scared of getting fat though, everyone tells me to put on a little more weight, anyway). Though nothing beats the taste of the food I grew up with --Filipino cuisine, I cannot deny the absolute fact  that  there are also a lot of yummy treats all over  America that my gastronomic buds are yearning for....more