Easy Blogger Organization Tricks - A Food Bloggers Guide to Clearing Your Brain and Gaining Clarity

 Getting organized was such a challenge for us on saltsole.com. We spent a couple of months coming up with a technique to stop ourselves from jumping from one thing to another and not knowing what we should be doing.This e-book is mostly visual showing how we set ourselves up (no spreadsheets or computer required) #blogClarity...more

Hiking for Clarity

For me, hiking has become a way to connect back to myself and to nature.  When I feel stressed, I find myself yearning to get on a trail to have quiet time to think and re-group.For me, hiking necessary to find peace.My last hike was in Dickerson, MD at Sugarloaf Mountain.  I didn’t even know this place existed, but I’m thrilled to know that I could get there in about 40 minutes.  ...more

Reflections on a year of clarity

For many of us New Year's Eve provides that time of year for looking back on the past year before looking forward to the next. For me, the last year has been all about seeing things more clearly. Learning to move in life’s sweet spot, which is what this blog is all about, has required lots of moments of clarity. And those moments have felt a bit like walking outside on a sunny day when it’s just snowed. The world is bright and glittery and so very beautiful, but the longer you stare at it, the more the view starts to hurt your eyes. Seeing clearly isn’t always pleasant....more

Once you're clear...

I’ve been talking with clients and business partners recently about what happens once we’re clear, once we’ve done our “due diligence” and we clearly know what we want....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Creating Important Contacts 3-6-12

It’s a great day to accomplish things and create new foundations in relationships both business and personal.Opposing Energies: stress, anxiety, frustration, self pity, depression, watchful, waryA stressful atmosphere may prevail with business difficulties promoting some emotional unhappiness, or lowered vitality.New connections made at this time may not be all they seem, so delay committing yourself to situations in business for a bit.It’s best not to make radical changes due to this restless energy....more

Shifting Gears

The week before winter break is never easy for a middle school teacher....more

A Teacher’s Philosophy


I am a retired educator that just can't stop reading about what I love to do. I have always ...more

Time: How It Does Fly!


Out of This World

 Allow a few deep, slow breaths as you relax and feel the beauty of a year at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grbu5cyPvNU (1:39 sec)...more

Me Over Do It? Never

Take some pressure off of yourself right now by not seeking perfect. The perfect relationship. The perfect gift. The perfect party....more