Spring Into a Classic With Sun Tzu and The Art of War

It is sensational to look at an old classic book and find a modern use for it. There are thousands of books that make the list of classic treasures that students are forced to read throughout their educational careers. Some of those books stand the test of time and others do not. Some classics make me smile when I think of them, like The Communist Manifesto....more

Dear Fictional Characters, Thank You For Making Me A Writer

When I was a little girl, I used to keep a diary. It was given to me by a friend for my birthday, and it had a cute little lock with a few keys that I kept on a Sailor Moon key ring in my underwear drawer. And I used it for “Dear Diary, today I ate pizza and watched movies with my friends,” type entries until grade seven, when I suddenly had no friends to eat pizza or watch movies with....more

Review: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens vs. Jacob T. Marley by R. William Bennett

This review is part of the Classic Double Challenge of 2012, hosted by One Librarian’s Book Reviews....more

Books I Want My Children To Remember

The Children of Green Knowe Chronicles  by L.M. BostonMore people should know of these books.  Films should be made of them.{There is one, starring the incomparable Maggie Smith:  From Time to Time.  I’ve never seen it but would love to, if only to see Ms. Smith in action!  I believe the screenplay was written by Julian Fellowes, the same mind behind the very successful Downton Abbey}....more