Honey, the Toaster is on Fire

“What happened!?” Dave said as he ran towards the kitchen, though the better question—and the one implied by his facial expression—upon seeing flames exploding from the toaster oven, might have been, “How the hell did you let this happen?”  We could still make out the shape of the eight hard tacos, each cupped within the other, burning in effigy.  It was fairly obvious what had happened.  Caroline ran up to her room in search of her two favorite stuffed animals, screaming “I CAN’T FIND BLUE BEAR!  I CAN’T FIND BLUE BEAR!” on her way back down.  I could see her in my...more

Banned Books Week: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Happy Monday, Bookworms! Today is the start of Banned Books Week. Every year the American Library Association celebrates the books that have been challenged an/or banned from schools and libraries. All week I’m going to be treating you to my views on some well-known banned classics....more

Book Geek

A.P. made fun of me A LOT the other night because I became obsessed with this site after finding it on Avoision. Better Book Titles tries to summarize a book with a new title. The result is hilarious! Here are some of my favorites....more

Someone sent me a link to it yesterday. It's a fun site. :)

Contributing Editor Karen ...more

Books from English Classes Past

Confession time: I wasn't an English major.  And now I am launching myself into the world of professional book reviewing and journalism. ...more

Jane Eyre and 4 1/2 Stars

Jane Eyre was one of my favorite romances growing up as a teenager, and over the years it has come to be the number one on my list of favorites. Something I find rather strange in a way because I really despise first person POV. But the story grabbed me then as it still does all these years later. Because I love the story so much, I try to watch every remake of the first Jane Eyre ...more