A one day musical treat

Taken from walnutstreet.dmschools.orgYou know what, next to my love for reading is my passion for listening to what I consider to be good music.Of course I have no idea how music is made but I guess it starts with the right sounds and of course the right lyrics....more

The Mozart Effect and How It Affects Us Moms

We've all heard of the studies about the so-called Mozart Effect -- a temporary increase in intelligence experienced after listening to a piano sonata written by the famed composer -- which was first reported by researchers at UC Irvine, my alma mater, in the late 1990's.  We moms just can't ignore such findings.  My baby is going to be a genius, for only $19.98 plus tax!  I jumped on the bandwagon along with every other mom and got my very own copy of "Baby Einstein" DVD....more

Introducing Kids to Classical Music

In typical Asian mom fashion, I’ve enrolled my children in both piano and violin lessons to pass on the stereotype that I had been brought up with. In my case, it has blossomed into a life-long love, where I have enjoyed both playing and listening to classical music to this day. I’ve seen cases where this has back-fired, where my friends had hated practicing, only to return to it later in life. My kids are temperamental and picky about music just like any other kid, but hopefully I’ve introduced classical music into their lives in a positive way....more
I always loves classical music. My kids grew up listening to classical. It was their bedtime ...more

Tchaikovsky and Marche Slave

Different symphony conductors bring their own unique experiences and histories to the music they conduct. Depending on the meaning they get from the score and how they internalize the music, the same music can often sound very different when performed by different symphonies led by different conductors....more

Nada Yoga - At One with Concert Music

Here in the concert hall, the energy is crisp. The crowd is entranced, hanging off each and every note. Ricocheting off the ceiling was the sound of my son shifting in his seat. There he sat alert and aware, his tiny frame at risk of being swallowed by the recoil of the fancy concert seat. ...more

Songs and Memories

Do you connect songs with certain moments in your life? You hear them and it makes you remember something? Music always has a funny way of making me react. While I’m at work, I often have headphones in since it helps me tune out the world and concentrate. The different genres can evoke certain emotions from me. Classical music? Makes me very mellow and sometimes even sad (but often in a good way). Certain pop songs make me bounce in my chair and I compose music videos in my head for them. I know, I’m such an artist. ...more

Brock McElheran

My plan for tonight was to write about all of the usual stuff that I’ve been writing about, cancer, kids, politics, the meltdown and then I received news of the death of Brock McElheran. ...more