Classmate Holiday Gift: Reindeer Noses + Free Printable

I love making gifts. I love giving gifts. I love seeing the smile on someone's face when they open it. I want my children to know this same feeling. In a world where  a "sense of entitlement" seems to be increasingly more common, I'm trying harder than ever to teach my children the opposite. I don't believe the world "owes" us something; I believe WE owe the world something. Our mark on humanity should be that we made the world a better place, we spread love and laughter, and we showed kindness and compassion to our fellow human beings. ...more

Classmate Holiday Gift: Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

Each year my kiddos want to give a gift to their classmates before they depart for the Christmas break. With two kids in school, and A LOT of kids in their classrooms, that can get to be pretty expensive! We also have the added complication in our school district that students are not allowed to bring homemade items. I get it, but Ugh! I could whip up a batch of cookies for super cheap! ...more

We Live We Love

We live, we love, we forgive and never give upCuz the days we are given are gifts from aboveAnd today we remember to live and to love                                     ~From We Live by SuperChick...more

Grapes and Brownies: Talking About My Child's Medical Condition with Schoolmates

I have to admit I was a little worried about how the talk at school would go. Even though I am well-trained in communicating with kids, I am still a mom first. And moms worry! It’s part of our DNA. My kids had just started a new school and the teachers requested that I talk to their classmates about their medical issues. Both of our children have cystic fibrosis. They need to take medication (pancreatic enzymes) to help their food digest properly. Of course their classmates have noticed Jacob and Kasey chucking down a handful of pills at lunchtime and have barraged my children -- and their teachers -- with questions....more
As a father of 2 children with medical issues I have an idea what you are going throughmore

Excellent Parent site - School Directory and Sign-up sheet features

Hi all, I`m a busy working mom trying to juggle, home-work-career-kids. I have a 5 year old and a 10 month old baby. Also, I`m new to this but trying to play around and learning new things from other people in different groups. Recently, I came across this awesome website called - it has some really cool tools like: • online school directory and • sign up sheets for school activities, field trips and fundraising. ...more