Make a Toothpick Holder with Sculpting Clay

Recently, I worked on a quick little project I’ve had on the back burner for a while: a new toothpick holder. With the leftover Premo Sculpey oven-bake clay from the seashell jewelry holder, I already had all the supplies I needed....more

Sunday Musings: Savory, Sweet or Spoiled

A few weeks ago I had purchased cream cheese to make cream cheese won-tons. Due to travel, and lack of inspiration, I never made the won-tons. Thus, I had cream cheese sitting in my refrigerator that I needed to use.I knew I needed to make something with it, either savory or sweet, or it would spoil. I eventually decided to make something sweet, chocolate fudge.Today I made two batches, one milk chocolate with marshmallows and one semi-sweet chocolate....more

Clay Play Heart

FunHow can you go wrong with a cool clay heart that can be passed out for a classroom Valentine’s treat?  I am not really fond of handing out candy to our kids’ classes, so this is a great option instead.  For the girls, we actually add a little glitter to add that sparkle. ...more

Friday Faves: 13th Colony Clay

Friday Faves: 13th Colony Clay There's something super special about flowers in a house...especially in the springtime. I love the color and fragrance they add to a home...and there's a certain "homey" feeling that they add as well....more

Container Gardening.

Some terracotta pots....more

Mud On My Hands - Honoring The Daughters Of Juarez

I spent the weekend playing with clay. It's something I haven't done in years, and it was a really fun change from glass....more

Art Smart

One thing we should not ignore, as the election draws near, is where the candidates rank the arts. Recognizing the importance of art in education is becoming increasingly important. Research tells us that children exposed early, and often to the arts fare better in tests, careers and life. But as our nation's economy reels, will we see funds for art programs shelved? ...more

Making Polymer Clay Masks Are Fun & Great For Halloween or Costume Parties

Posted by Ilysa on 15 Oct 2007 | Tagged as: Call for Creativity, project ideas, stamping ...more