Embracing your inner slob

I like a neat house. I am not the type of person who cannot sleep if the house is messy, but I will make sure to give it a thorough clean on the weekend when I can devote some real time to doing so. When my home is clean, I feel more calm and rested in it....more

Taking Care Of Teeth: It's What You Do, Not What You Buy

 The World Health Organisation claims that nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities. In a world that is becoming better educated about health issues everyday, how is this possible? Taking care of your teeth for both aesthetic and health reasons is important. When you go shopping there is a variety of toothpaste, mouthwash, floss and teeth whitening products on sale. How on earth do we know where to start?...more

Mistletoe Mojito

Its been a while since I posted any new clean cocktails on EatLaughDrink. I'm not sure if it's because I've been experimenting with mostly food instead of booze, or because I've naturally become more relaxed since I past my RD exam (probably a combo of both)....more

Wellness Tip: Easy Cures for Clean

The main ingredient to keeping yourself, your home AND your food clean may be sitting in your pantry right this minute....more

Ways to Clean Different Types of Bathtubs

Not every bathtub is made the same, just as not every type of flooring, or every piece of furniture is made the same. You wouldn’t wash your floors or clean your furniture without making sure you are using the proper cleaner, so why do that with your bathtub? When it comes to washing your bathtub it is important to first understand what material your tub is made of. This will determine the best way in which you should clean your tub, as different materials need different methods of cleaning. The most common materials that bathtubs are made of are porcelain, acrylic and enamel....more

BlogHer Network Member News: Becky from Babes in Hairland on The Daily Dish + More

Becky from Babes in Hairland appeared on a local television show, The Daily Dish, with her three young daughters. She demonstrated a few quick holiday hairstyles on set and explained how to create some of the more elaborate ones. She's looking forward to appearing again later this month. ...more

Loose the “S” word during Summer, have fun..do as homeschoolers do

I have been coming across blogs here and there about the stress of having their children home for the summer months. And I can’t help but wonder why. Summer is such a wonderful time of the year. There is so much to do. Homeschooling changes your view on things.1. It makes you thankful that you get a lot of quality time with your kids2.  It teaches you patience… or I should say, your children teach you patience.3. It makes realize exactly how weird your kids really are, and it’s ok to laugh at them....more