Why Can't People with Kids Keep Their Cars Clean? 4 Solutions For Busy Parents

“Why can’t people with kids keep their cars clean?” These are famous words from a snobby former D.I.N.K. who clearly thinks she is better than the rest of us. Wait… I said that… before I had kids. I used to cringe if I had to ride with someone in a vehicle that regularly shuttled carseat-aged children. It didn’t matter if the kids were actually in it when I was, and it wasn’t really even the kids that I disliked. It was the mess. The mess that somehow creeped beyond the backseat to the front. ...more
It's my car. Anyone who doesn't like it, don't ride in it. The kids are grown & I'm still too ...more

Maintain that New Car Look

You have a new car, or at least, a newly repainted car. It looks new. I probably even smells new. But soon the new will wear off. That special look and smell will fade, or will they? There are ways to keep a car looking new for a long time. Waxing a car 30 days after a new or first paint job is important for protecting the paint job from scratches. Waxing can even help restore an old paint job. A new material, called a gloss enhancer, can also be used to add shine and more protection to the paint. ...more