Grocery List & This Week's Meal Prep

Hey & Happy Tuesday! How was your morning / how is your afternoon going? I had an early rise this morning for my bi-weekly pre-natal appointment and it went quite well. I was down 1.5 pounds from my appointment 2-weeks ago so that felt nice....more

7 Easy Tips for a Successful Meal Prep!


Don't Fall Into These Dangers of Clean Eating

I have many friends advocating a "clean eating" lifestyle. On the surface, this seems like a good idea. Eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer processed foods. That's always a wise goal. However, sometimes this nebulous concept of "clean eating" devolves into food camps almost religious in their fervor. In one camp, I have dear friends who are vegan because they read The China Study. In another camp, I have friends who avoid all bread because they read Wheat Belly. And then in another are my friends who have gone Paleo and espouse the virtues of meat, meat, and more meat (with a side of vegetables). I know half a dozen children whose mothers claim are allergic to gluten, even though the chances of this statistical cluster are slim. ...more
Healthy eating is great, but I agree it can go too far when people refuse to eat anything they ...more

Everyday poetry: hillbilly risotto

   Take leftover sticky rice, sauté it with beans, spinach and cheese and voila. #cleaneating #leftoverchef...more

Everyday poetry: ingredients that measure themselves

 It's an odd thing to boast about, but I have a freakish ability to make my morning shake without measuring ingredients and getting it just right anyway. I put one banana, some rice, some white beans, some frozen berry and some almond or coconut or cashew milk then process and pour and look what happens. Filled up just right. It's not a very useful talent, but I like it anyway....more

Processed food, properly understood

Add cashew milk and voila, breakfast.    Lunch's humble beginnings.  ...more

How to get your kids (and husband) to beg for veggies!

I'm constantly searching for healthy, quick dinner options that are budget and kid friendly. I used to spend $20+ dollars on Steamfresh frozen veggies each week and it was always the same routine. I would buy a bunch of these bags in an effort to serve my family veggies, but honestly, I'd cook them and place them on my family's dinner plates and I was lucky if one family member, including myself, took one single bite. ...more

4 Reasons Why I Stopped Telling People That I Eat Clean

I've been eating differently from the mainstream for about 7 years now. I've gone through several iterations of "diets." Mainly my way of eating changed as different doctors gave me different advice, as I read more books on nutrition, and as I just figured out what worked for me. I voyaged through gluten-free, then gluten-free and dairy-free, then SCD, then the anti-candida diet and then paleo. Finally I arrived at my current, more moderate way of eating, which I refer to as clean eating. And somewhere along the way, I stopped explaining. I no longer engage in lengthy conversations about why I choose to eat what I eat. I don't even really discuss exactly what's on my "diet" and what's not. You know what? This works so much better for me. I am way happier to not discuss all the nitty gritty of my eating habits outside of my happy little world here on the blog. ...more
I can't stand the eye rolls! I've experienced so many. I agree, I have a blog about it and I'm ...more

How I Survived My 10-day Sugar Detox

Two words: I SURVIVEDI felt really good the first 2 days. I went about my days feeling normal, maybe a little hungry but I upped my water intake, specially about 15 minutes before meals and about 30 minutes after. I wasn’t tired or achy as I thought I’d be with any detox one goes through....more