Food Was An Addiction

When a mom in my support group (for what, I'll detail in a moment) wrote that she was chronically exhausted and didn't know how the rest of us get through our day and that "even five Red Bulls" couldn't help her keep up, I knew I had to take time to share my path with her with the hope that I might be able to reach her....more

INTERVIEW: Kick Off World Vegetarian Month With Author/Activist Terry Walters

Today is World Vegetarian Day, the beginning to World Vegetarian Awareness Month, and as BlogHer's resident vegan, I am thrilled to kick it off with an interview with author Terry Walters....more
@Terry WaltersWow! I could have written everything you just wrote down to the skiing and it ...more

Nature's Finest Invention

Refined sugar, its brothers, sisters, cousins and even some who masquerade as members of the family have-at one time or another-all bamboozled us into believing we can't live without them and worst of all, cannot go a single day without at least one of the family members slithering its artificial self into our eagerly awaiting mouths. My first 50 years was spent being involved in a relentless love affair with refined sugar. To put it bluntly, I was an addict-a sugar addict that is....more

Slow Food Nation - I Went. I Ate.


Thanks Green Bean!

I am glad that we both got to attend such an inspiring event.  When ...more