A Clean Sweep

 Posted on November 3, 2011 by Amy You know that TLC show called “Clean Sweep”?   I used to love that show.   I watched it mostly the Fall and Winter that I wa...more

May 31: The Hair Affair

How much of my space am I willing to dedicate to my hair?  How much time am I willing to give to dig around for a decent hair tie (I like the thick ones with no metal, because the others get all knotted up in my hair.) when I'm getting ready for work or just to work out?  How many times have I given up on trying a new style because I couldn't find what I needed?...more

May 30: The Book Sweep

So yesterday, I started Operation Clean Sweep by sorting through all of my books.  I have a dream of having a library in my home someday; I love the feeling of being surrounded by books.  But unfortunately, space doesn't allow that for this season in my life, so that dream will wait until my someday....more

Operation Clean Sweep!

It's taken me forever to come up with a new challenge- lots going on lately.  Graduated college, looking for a job, getting ready to move. Getting ready to move.  For the immediate at least, I'm moving into a tiny apartment where I won't have a lot of space, because paying off my debt is more important.  That is going to mean downsizing, a lot....more