Homemade Marinara Tomato Sauce

FRESH TOMATOES - GARLIC - LEMON JUICE - HERBS - SEA SALTIt taste amazing and BLOWS bottled jar tomato sauce out of the water.  It is incredibly healthy and only a few ingredients...you might call this old school cooking or a clean eating recipe but with only a few fresh ingredients, whatever you call it,  It's delicious and You can feel really good about eating it.....more

Garlic Scapes: A lesser known powerful veggie!

The garlic scape is a vegetable that not a lot of people seem to know about…but those of us who do, we buy them up as soon as we see them, and gobble them up just as fast! They are very unique little veggies, not only because of their shape and flavor, but because of the amazing nutritional value and their versatility too!...more

Mason Jar Salads: Sweet potato, Quinoa, and Avocado salad

Whenever I meal prep on Sundays with the girls I feel like a polygamist wife preparing food for my family of 30. It’s still kind of new for me to be prepping every meal prior to eating it, but it has been a game changer in the way I go about my day. I wanted to try and get creative with my salads. Last week I made a “taco” style salad with chicken seasoned with Mrs. Dash, cilantro yogurt dressing, beans, peppers, corn, and tortilla strips. They were soo good. But I am needing a bit of a break from meat this week, so I made this salad instead....more

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth While Avoiding Sugar

So we're doing this 21-Day Eat Clean Challenge, and it's got me thinking about things I do to keep my healthy diet on track. I have been on-and-off the Cleaning Eating wagon for years, though each year I feel like it gets easier and easier and I do better and better. I found the hardest thing for me was getting rid of sugar. I have SUCH a sweet tooth, but the older I get, the more I feel really awful when I eat it....more

making the clean switch, with confidence

twenty two years old and I've never followed a 'diet trend.' i have always believed that i could eat whatever i want, in moderation of course....more

Recipe: Clean Eating Salsa Pork

I had a recipe years ago for pork tostadas that my family loved. I made it so often that we burned out on it. But now that I’m burning out on Asian food and carving Mexican, I thought I would revive that recipe and make it clean....more

What is your Go-To Breakfast?

Lately all I've been craving is what resembles a fruit pizza... only healthier.  ...more
@LeahNelson honestly, I've never thought about quinoa for breakfast. What a great idea! Sounds ...more

A Teeth Whitening Diet

We all know that there are foods we eat than can stain our teeth, like drinking coffee, red wine, tea,  and eating blackberries, beets, or blueberries.  But there are some foods that stain your teeth that may shock you AND some that you can eat that will help to promote teeth whitening.  So, no need to go to the dentist every couple of years and pay $500 for teeth whitening.  Eat your way to white teeth!What foods can cause staining?...more
While I agree drinking through a straw is the best option, straws are not safe for hot liquids ...more

New Beginnings

I've recently been laid off.  With my time being returned to me I've decided to renew my committment to clean eating.  To jump-start the process I am embarking on a 30-day cleanse.     A little toast to good health, and creating a more positive lifestyle for 2013! ...more

Crab Meat & Shrimp Salad Stuffed Avocados

[Editor's Note: Sometimes it's great to have a Quicker Dinners recipe on hand that can serve as an upscale meal for guests. This is a terrific one: it features healthy seafood and avocado amped up with a spicy sauce that adds great flavor. It's elegant, yet still fast to pull together! --Genie]...more
Wow! That sounds delish!!more