Things That Can Go in the Dishwasher or Washing Machine

We got a puppy this past fall. She’s adorable. And a puppy. So we have had a love/hate relationship with her at times. We love how cute, and sweet, and smart she can be. But we have hated the housebreaking, and wild energy, and puppy teething we have gone through. ...more
JulieRyan Or you can just put them in a cup of peroxide or Listerine overnight.more

How to clean like a rockstar

Hire a cleaning service and pay the bill. Ok,ok that was bad I wish I could do that. Seriously, I don't know anything about cleaning like a rock star, unless it involves singing to loud music and using my broom as a microphone.  I guess my advice would be don't try to save money by getting a cheap vacuum cleaner. I have one that cleans multiple surfaces including carpet, tile and hardword. I have learned that the more expensive ones work better and last longer.  I bet rockstars have expensive vacuum cleaners as well. ...more

How to Fake a Clean House

My husband is notorious for springing people on me the last minute. Like, "Hey babe, Joe Schmo is coming over in 20 minutes." My first reaction is to freak out. Which I do. And then probably mumble a few certain words. And then I look around my house. And yeah. Twenty minutes? No way. I wish I could say that my house is immaculate all the time. But truth is, it is only immaculate like one day out of the year ... maybe. ...more
Blankets on top of a basket of stuff.  Fabulous idea!  Will incorporate immediately.more

I spend 75% of holidays cleaning or Why I sometimes enjoy July 5th more than the 4th

Holidays are very tricky around my house.  I work in healthcare so I get the privledge of working holidays.  I also work 12 hour shifts so the days I work holidays, I pretty much am gone the entire day.  When I do get a holiday off, we tend to celebrate with a family gathering at my house,  I had the 4th of July off so I invited my family over for supper.  Unfourtantly, my house was a complete and utter mess. ...more

On Cleaning, Cats, and Root Beer

This article was originally posted on the blog "I Try: The Additive Property of Happiness" on April 17, 2014. To see it in it's original habitat, complete with cat pictures, go here....more

cleaning efficiently

I loooove having a clean house. But I hate spending tons of time getting it that way. Especially since the perfectly clean house doesn't seem to last long with the two humans and two pugs who live in our house. So I'm trying to be more efficient with my cleaning so I'm not cleaning constantly. Here are the ways I'm working on cleaning efficiently....more

Cleaning Zones: 30 Minutes to a Better Cleaning Plan

Have you tried a chore a day, only to end up at the last minute cleaning everything at once? We've been there. And it wasn't until the term "Cleaning Zones" entered our vocabulary, that cleaning took a turn for the better :)....more

An ode to the robotic vacuum cleaner

In the field of happiness studies, also known as positive psychology, the general consensus is that greater happiness is obtained from pursuing experiences and social connections than obtaining material things. The reason being that although a pair of shoes upon puchase, for example, can make a person near euphoric it is only temporary due to our human ability for environmental adjustments.  Think first hot shower after a camping trip compared to the same hot shower several days later.  ...more

Gratitude Linkup - Week of 4/27/14

I've been away from writing a gratitude list for a little while now, though gratitude is something I hold onto. I'm glad to be back to participating in Laurel Regan's Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad and sharing some of the things I'm thankful for.Every day, every week, I will continue to say thanks wherever my Higher Power might be lovingly watching and caring for me and my family.A few of the things I'm grateful for today are:...more
Loved your list! I post Grateful Mondays every single Monday in hopes of inspiring others and ...more

What about Mrs. Sisyphus?

Hello, I’m Mrs. Sisyphus. I’m sure you’ve never heard of me, but everybody’s heard of my good-for-nothing husband, Sisyphus. You know, the deceitful king who Zeus sentenced to push a heavy boulder up a hill only for it to fall back down once he reached the top so he would have to keep pushing it again and again for eternity?...more