Tips for Easy Toy and Playroom Organization

While I may be a terrible decorator, I am an avid organizer.  I like cute little baskets and putting like things together and finding a home for everything....more

Cleaning Up From the Holidays - One Broken Ornament at a Time

Well I finally got all the Christmas Decorations packed up and put away.  No, I am NOT one of those who think it is acceptable to leave the decorations until, like, Valentine's Day.  You know the people that I'm talking about though; the ones whose house you drive by on July 4th, and they still have the damn wreath hanging on the front door and the lights still attached to the gutters....more

Fall, A time for Renewal, New Beginnings and Cleaning Up

As summer vacation comes to an end, the children are back to school, and all has settled, I always like to clean out my kitchen cupboards, fridge, empty drawers of a lot of clutter--call it a renewal or a refreshing of my household. September has always represented the beginning of a new year. With this said, I also suggest to many of my customers to give the same attention to their jewelery. Do you have broken jewelery that you have been putting off to being repaired? ...more

Those Piles of Dirty Clothes Kids Leave Around the House

Dear J - I am so deeply sorry that I have not understood about the piles of clothes you've been leaving around the house all these years. ...more