Becoming Minimalist: Why I'm Getting Rid of One Thing a Day

Becoming minimalist mainly started with my move to London. There's really nothing like an international move to make you reassess your belongings. In this particular case, I was moving from a rented apartment in New York to a rented flat in London with no family anywhere near either city....more
Ashleigh Burroughs Yes! It's a hard to start but easy to finish problem. As soon as you start ...more

Recalling my toilet experiences

(Photo taken from Paris trip last year made me realize that there are many ways that a woman cleans her privates.When we arrived at the condominium from the airport I really wanted to pee (in the Philippines we refer to pee as ‘jingle) and on entering the bathroom I was surprised to see two toilet seats colored white....more

How To Clean Your Keurig


Momma + Baby, Act I, Scene 2

Although the first Scene was written as part of NaBloPoMo back in November, I've decided to follow it up with another Scene.Characters: Momma – played by yours truly; Baby Boy – played by well, Baby Boy...more

Music Monday! One Week

It's been............... 3 days since I have blogged. (so much for posting every day! this NaBloPoMo has been extremely difficult for me to keep up with!) It's now...........One Week until daughters graduation...more

Miracle Carpet Cleaner

Janet Jackson Channel on Pandora. A Glimpse into my Teen Years.

 Today, I was cleaning my bathrooms, and needed a little pick me up. So, I turned on Pandora. The Janet Jackson channel. Three songs in, I was dancing to Bell Biv Devoe’s 1990 chart topper, “Poison” and my almost two year old thought I looked rather silly, I’m sure. At least he was smiling a lot....more

Quirky Plug Hub, Get Rid of the Rats Nest

Quirky Plug Hub, Get Rid of the Rats NestIf you feel like there are cords cluttering up your house, you are not alone.  For us it is the tech corner with the cable router, wireless router, weather forecaster, lamp and two laptop cords.  Sadly, that corner looks like a rats nest!...more

DIY Grout Cleaner

Sadly our grout is beyond repair. I need a bathroom renovation fairy.more

Tough Toilet Cleaning!