Hoovering the Hood

40's of fulfillment    If you walked past my house right now you would think I either had the best week ever or absolutely the worst in living memory.  My  recycling bin is full, normally I recycle a coke can here and water bottle there  and some weeks I don't manage to put out a plastics/can/bottle bin at all, but not this week.    Earlier than I am out walking Dogger, the 40oz Bunny is out leaving me many, many "eggs" to hunt for....more

Something I don't get...

When on a walk with your dog, why would you bag up the dog's droppings and then just leave the bag?Really. That's the best thing for the environment? Leaving little plastic bags of dog poop on the grass where people walk and play.I just don't get it. You think to bring a bag. You think to pick it up. Then you stop thinking? ...more