How To Remove Stubborn Stains From Your Carpet?

Unless you have bought yourself a self-cleaning office or home, there comes a time when you might find you have to clean your carpet. This might be hoovering it once a week or steam cleaning it once a month but sometimes this just doesn’t cut it....more

5 accessories of home you should clean them properly

Home is where the heart is but the heart no longer stays there when the place is dirty, untidy and shabby. It’s an old saying that even animals clean the place where they sit, and we as humans are far superior then them so t behooves us to do the cleaning of our surrounding....more

Top Tips for Your Next Spring Clean

With the winter now here, the first buds of spring will soon start poking through in the New Year, it's inevitable that thoughts of freshening up your house will be beginning to come to the fore....more

House-Cleaning with That Baby Bump: Dos and Don’ts for a Mom-to-be

If you are expecting, you certainly want your house to be clean and tidy before the arrival of your prince or princess. Cleaning the house may be a good way to exercise, but considering the fragile state of your health during pregnancy, it is wise to be cautious. With that in mind, here are some useful tips to help you clean your house without troubling that baby inside.Your Gynecologist Knows Best about your Health...more

Roomba and Me: A Love Story

Please, my friends, let me tell you about one of the miracles of modern life: the Roomba vacuum-cleaning robot. (Please note that this is not a sponsored post. I just love this thing so much I have to tell everyone about it.)...more

Why I'm Returning My iRobot Roomba

This year, my husband gave me an iRobot Roomba for Christmas. Oh, yes he did (that was to your, “No, he didn't!”). There was a time early in our marriage when I distinctly remember telling him NEVER to buy me a vacuum cleaner, because I couldn't bear it if our marriage reached that depth of despair. I thought he was listening, but maybe not....more

Secret to Cleaning the Top of Greasy Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of "How to Clean the Tops of Greasy Kitchen Cabinets", this post really should be called "The Horror That Lies Above" because that's exactly what was I found. You see, this is an area that I don't clean on a regular schedule. I think I mentally put it off because I know how icky it gets. All that dust that's mixed in with cooking grease =  sticky gross gunk. The only reason I even made it up there was because of another project that I've been working on that I hope to be sharing this weekend. Here's a sneak peek......more

Homemade Paste for Cleaning Grout

Today's post isn't all that exciting, but you may find it useful.  Last week I mentioned that I began the year doing some deep cleaning around the house.  Some areas just needed it.  Sometimes it feels like I'm cleaning the house all day long, but it's those spots that often get forgotten is where I began....more

Homemade Swiffer Mop/Clorox Wipe

Please read my homemade disclaimer.I’ve seen different versions of this idea around on Pinterest and the interwebz lately.  I made my own thing to try it out, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I initially used it to clean the floors....more


I think we can all agree that the world and the people in it has changed. Women couldn't vote until 1920. Women tended to their homes while the men worked. Now-a-days women and men are "almost equal". I say almost because I believe that women should still act like ladies with class and be a little more delicate than men....more