5 Easy Ways To Tackle Summer Messes

Recently, I wrote an article that gives idead how to keep your kids busy this summer. I'll admit to some of the activities I mentioned being a potential mess disaster waiting to happen. And if you are anything like me, cleaning is not necessarily the most fun way to spend your summer vacation, am I right?...more

The Space Above the Kitchen Cabinets


Good Enough.

What do you think constitutes a “good” parent?I wonder about this often.  Am I a good enough parent?It seems as if there are high standards to live up to–a squeaky clean house, healthy (organic?) food, well behaved and polite children, smart or advanced children who only play with quality toys and watch little to no television.Sometimes I wonder who invented these standards, and why many parents spend so much time and energy trying to live up to them....more

Does the Laundry EVER END??

It's Friday Morning 7:10 am and I am already thinking does the laundry ever end?Up at 6am for coffee and emails, then get Kid #1 up. The slow one, the tired one, (well why do you stay up so late).  Pack #1's lunch, his backpack, his phone, his laptop, run out the door to catch the bus. Wait did you brush your teeth? Put on deoderant? Race to bus stop, s#@t did we miss the bus? Was she here already? Will I have to drive him to school? Did I pack his lunch? Phew here's the bus! (we never miss the bus)...more
No. No it doesn't and that really bugs me. ;-)more

Cleaning Schedule

Everyone needs a routine or schedule to keep their house in order. Some chores have to be done daily while others can be put off to once a week or even once a month. However the Cleaning Schedule (pictured below) circling around on Pinterest and Facebook is just ridicules. The only way this could work is if the home was childless, petless, and manless. ...more