Candy and Clearance make Momma Happy

Aggravations and Silver Linings Candy and Clearance Make Momma Happy I was all set out to talk about things that aggravated me this week. But, as I was looking through my pictures, I realized that I had some silver linings that were born from my aggravations. Aggravation: The potty training regression debacle. ...more

Get Ready: It's Target's Big Toy Clearance!

It’s Coming: Target’s Big Toy Clearance!  I  love Target. It’s one of the happiest places on earth next to Disneyland. Did you know Target ‘resets’ their toy departments twice a year? This happens in January and again in July. When they do, they clear all current inventory to make way for new products....more

Bargain Shopping...What a Thrill!

Why do I get that overwhelming urge to visit my favorite discount clothier, TJ Maxx, or my fave resale shop, Clothes Mentor? I’ve literally had to fight myself, in my mind of course, not to go shopping for the last couple of months. But why is that fight so hard? Why do I NEED to go shopping? I have tons of nice clothes, shoes, and accessories right now. Well, maybe it’s not a need, but more of a challenge. I love getting a great deal. It’s such a rush to find that high quality, super expensive item for mere pennies on the dollar....more

I'm loving the $2 tanks we bought today. A couple for me, a couple for TW, a couple for RJ, a ...more