I have been a hair designer for 25 years and have never come across stories about the things clients will say to you.......or funny things that happen at the salon.  For example....when I first started behind a chair, inexperienced, scared, nervous and worried, I had to show the girls I could do hair. Client #1.  Poor thing....more

Setting Benchmarks to Prevent Scope Creep

Web Success Team contributors Robert Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes discuss scope creep and how to manage it. ...more

Be The Person Decision Makers Love to Hire and Promote!

Have you ever noticed that some professional women seem to get the best projects, clients, contracts and assignments, and their work is always in demand? Business women looking to move up must be constantly reinventing themselves, determining what skills they possess, acquiring those they need, and broadening their professional goals. Human resource professionals agree that executives consider the following skills and attitudes among the most important in promoting professional growth:...more

Law of Attraction and Attracting the Right Clients

All of us involved in either running our own businesses or who work in a field that requires any type of selling know the importance of attracting or bringing forward not just clients but the right client. The right clients are those individuals who need/want your product or service and are ready to invest....more

Am I stressed?

A friend at work picked up a stress ball for me while he was on vacation.  He knows that I am always stressed at work, and can never sit still while I am on the telephone, so he thought this was the perfect souvenir for me.  I agreed and immediately put the ball to use.  Whenever I was stressed, I would squeeze the ball.  Every time I took a call, I would squeeze the ball....more

Perfect Moment Monday: Gratitude

Each week I hold the intention to participate in Perfect Moment Monday, sponsored by Weebles Wobblog. According to Weebles, Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Here is my Perfect Moment for this week....more

Customer Service: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

We’ve all heard the sayings, “A happy customer is a returning customer,” or “Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.” Both of these philosophies or beliefs need to be taken to heart for those who are in business or looking to start their own business.The success of any business depends on both of these ideologies.  You need to make your customers happy! As important as this is for established businesses, for a new entrepreneur it is all that much more critical--and the following suggestions can help you ensure customer satisfaction and return clientele....more

Taking the Pain out of Networking

When executed properly, networking should be fairly painless. Unfortunately to many, it is not: it can be time-consuming, irritating, frightening, boring, and sometimes downright painful....more