Sponsorship – the new holy grail for women?

Definition: SPONSORSHIP – a more intensive and higher-stake form of mentorship.We’re now 9 months on from Catalyst’s ground-breaking report on Sponsorship.  Sponsoring Women to Succeed (Catalyst – November 2011) argues that the only way women can reach the C-Suite is by having a high-positioned sponso...more

The essential ingredient to every great leader is the ability to receive feedback

How many bosses have you had that were not open to feedback? Speaking for myself, too many. It’s obvious right, feedback comes in lots of different shapes and sizes but if you want to climb the corporate ladder and become a respected leader then it’s time you made friends with feedback.By listening to feedback and taking the relevant action steps, you have the opportunity to change your behavior and inspire a culture of openness to learning.Cheat Sheet:...more