Too Afraid to Quit my Job

I just found out a friend from high school quit her job as a nurse to go back to school and do something she loves.  In the meantime, she’s working retail, part-time. 1st thought: Is she crazy?  What about money?  What about her 401K?  How is she going to pay her bills?2nd thought: I wish I were that brave. ...more
Exactly! I don't want to struggle, but I still want to pursue my dreams. It's a balancing act. ...more

What this blog is not......

I would consider myself a Lifestyle Blogger. Why? Because I write about my life.I’d like to warn you now, though, that there are a few things this blog is NOT:  DECORATING ADVICEI don’t know squat about personal style or throw pillows or matching. I buy what the mannequin is wearing. Seriously.My apartment is sparsely decorated for a couple of reasons. First, I’m cheap. Two, I like to move. Three, I’d rather be outside than trapped inside 700 square feet.SELFIES...more