Actor Ben Reed from American Sniper Chats with Tinsel & Tine

T&T: What's Clint Eastwood like as a director?...more


Opening in theatres tomorrow from director Clint Eastwood and Warner Bros. Pictures is the Oscar nominated for Best Picture film with AMERICAN SNIPER. Chris Kyle (portrayed by 2015 Oscar nominated for Best Actor Bradley Cooper) is a man from Texas who wanted to help America fight the war on terror. Joining the SEALS he trains to be a sniper. Before his first tour in Iraq, Kyle meets and marries Taya (Sienna Miller), a feisty woman who knows she will be living a military wife’s life. ...more

Do the Clothes Make the Man?

     Sitting at the Mission Ranch, enjoying the piano music, a glass of wine and the company of my sweetheart, I am relaxed, not realizing quite soon I will also be entertained.    Mission Ranch is a unique restaurant and bar, aside from the world famous, Oscar winning, local girl marrying owner(Clint Eastwood), it’s the crowd that gathers there that makes it so special....more

Think, Think, Thiiiiinnnk

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Clint Eastwood, Mitt Romney: We Believe in America

Clint started trending on Twitter, since speculation was confirmed earlier today that actor Clint Eastwood would be the surprise guest at the closing night of the Republican National Convention. Mashable was quick on the draw, posting a list of 12 Classic Movie Quotes Clint Eastwood Can Use at the RNC, including:...more
A perfect example of why no actor should ever be given a microphone without a script.  more

Getting better with age: Clint Eastwood and Transcendental Meditation

by Mario Orsatti on May 12, 2010  People who age well are an inspiration—especially for me since I just turned 60....more

What really attracts us to each other?

How much of what we’re drawn to in other people - either in friendship or in love - is that they seem to be our opposites?  Or are we most attracted to people whom we feel are exactly like us? One theory says we choose people who possess something we wish we knew.  Or wish we owned.  Or wish we could be. The other theory is that we seek people who mirror us. ...more

In awe of the Spaghetti Western

Along with much of Italy, I've been personally celebrating the filmmaker - visionary - & unbelievably talented Sergio Leone. It's the 30th anniversary of his death. Don't know quite why I never got into these 'Spaghetti Westerns' before, but boy, the visual impact & awesome scores by Ennio Morricone will drain you of such emotion, it'll leave you as dry as the sun-baked Arizona desert -- and definitely thirsting for more. ...more

Reason #437 why nobody invites me anywhere anymore

Anonymous friend*: So, we went and saw "Gran Torino" last night.Me: Uh-huh.Anonymous friend: Yeah, it was AWESOME.Me: Uh-huh.Anonymous friend: Have you seen it?Me: Uh-uh.Anonymous friend: You HAVE to see it, it's SO good.Me: Um, yeah...I don't really like Clint Eastwood so much. ...more

One Eyed Man and Richard III

Christmas Day.  I got to the movie theatre before everyone else, balked at the swelling crowd and ran out of the theatre.  I sat on a bench for a few moments, contemplating leaving altogether…  I’m always looking for an exit from any situation. A man with one eye and a swollen, beat up face approached me and said hello.  I said hello and then he got all menacing and did everything but get on top of me, so I ran back into the theatre, my buddies arrived, and that was that. ...more