Social Media... The Modern Day Big Bad Wolf

Reason #2 Zillion- Why it totally sucks to be a teenager in TODAY'S society-Social networking.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.Everybody has one....more

The Anti-Party

I was informed yesterday that Mackenzie would be hosting what can only be termed as an “anti-party”. What’s an anti-party, you ask?It’s the party you throw when you’ve been snubbed from another party....more
 @Kristen Daukas LOL! I can only imagine...But what a great way to stay in the loop ;)more

All Moms are welcome...except for me!

The Uber-Moms at Bubba's school don't like me. Sure, they've never said it out loud, but I can tell. I just get that feeling that I'm a little too "untraditional" for their tastes.. What is an Uber-Mom? First of all, she's very put together, even at 8:30 in the morning. She's the Mom that is on every available PTA committee possible. She's the Mom that has the principal's direct number on speed dial and does not hesitate to use it. She's the Mom who will bake 100 gluten-free cupcakes at the drop of a hat complete with dairy free icing....more
I wish you best of luck! Some of the uber-Moms can be very frightening! I hope you wear each and ...more

Bullies and Cliques

Actually Mummy......more

The Sleepover

When I went to BlogHer a couple of weeks ago, I was surrounded by thousands of women. That’s a whole lotta estrogen. Not a girly girl by any means (and my ability to accessorize is downright pitiful)… I was cautious. But, I received some pep talks, did some light stretching and threw myself into this gaggle of chirping women.I’m 35. One of the things that I’ve come to love about my 30s is the fact that I am finally getting comfortable with who I am. I am day by day getting over what the elusive “They” think and enjoying the person that I am.Most of the time....more

The Popularity Contest

by Lianne Castelino It is an interesting study.  Why are so many kids, especially tween and teens, interested in being part of the "in crowd" or "popular group".  Does it have any cachet or is it merely a means of feeling secure and loved?  And what about those kids who are not considered 'popular'?  Are they held to a lesser standing than their counterparts?  If so, by who and why? ...more

Blingy Club Mommies

When my first daughter was born I was eager to know all the information a Mommy would need, I scoured the Internet for months preparing myself for illness, developmental milestones, the newest learning toys and anything that I could add to my arsenal of Mommy hood to prepare myself and my Darling Daughter. Fast forward 7 years, add another child and the challenges of life and here I am....more

The Trouble in Town

It always surprises me how many people live in the towns where they grew up. I'm kinda jealous. Just kinda. I am a Yankee Gone South. I was born in Anchorage, grew up in Ohio, and have lived in TN for about 20 years now. I belong here. I am home. ...more

Don't Let Blogging (or Reading Blogs) Suck You Dry

I see it from where I stand as sort of both truths at the exact same time -- we’re a cohesive group (especially in comparison to other online communities) yet we’re also very much divided into small cliques. Back when I first started blogging, I had about 100 blogs on the original blogroll. There were 10 categories. Now, there are 52 categories and over 2700 blogs. And I add about 20 more each week. ...more
I am so absolutely "out of the loop", when it comes to blogging. Seems my posts would be so ...more

Reflections After a Reunion

I went to school today - to the cafeteria, specifically - a place where the school's social hierarchy is in full display....more