Decisions Decisions

Here's to tell you. I cannot even find enough categories for this post to fit in. I am a little confused at the moment. This is my first Blog Her Conference and even though it is next week, I have no clue why I am going. I am ticketed-in all ways. I am hoteled. The only thing I am not is, ready to go. With all things in my life, I need to know the why and if I cannot answer that by next week, I will stay put. ...more

Just remember, at one time ...more

The Business of Blogging

“Oh, wow. I cannot believe this…. Dooce emailed me back.” “Who?” “Freakin’ Dooce. I emailed her something, and she responded.” “Who’s that?” “You know, she’s like a celebrity…” “In the blogging world.” ...more

I am a serial lurker.  I read a lot of blogs through google ...more

Do teenage nerds become better-than-average human beings as adults?

That's the question raised (inadvertently, perhaps) by Dean Dad, who started a deluge of reflections with his blog entry Notes on Nerds. He concludes a post brimming with thoughts about his own nerdy past with this: "My Grand Theory of Nerdiness – every true nerd has at least one – is that it reflects having different parts of the personality mature at different rates. If you combine an introverted streak, a slow-growing social sense, and a fast-growing sense of risk aversion, you get a nerd. If the nerd is lucky, over time, the underdeveloped parts of the personality mostly catch up, and you wind up with a fairly functional, if chastened, adult." ...more

I was a skinny bookish kid with bad glasses and bad hair. I was lousy at sports, boys never ...more