Shoe Envy

Yesterday, I was checking out clogs on Pinterest (for the record, clogs on Pinterest is a very dangerous search query for clog lovers). I found these from Lands' End ...more

Putting Your Best Foot Fashion Forward

Not to rain on anyone's parade, especially if they are lucky enough to attend BlogHer '10 in the fashion capital of the US, but you might think twice about the footwear you select for navigating the sidewalks of New York. Consider this Public Service Alert #1: Clogs Can Cause Harm to Self and Others.  If you are a clogger by trade or even a hobbyist clogger, disregard this entire post.  You have probably already taken out additional health insurance policies to protect you from what I am about to explain....more

The Clog is Back -- But is it Cool?

Is it me, or is the fashion cycle spinning faster? I feel like I've just wrapped my brain around the 80s revival only to discover that there's a 90s revival is waiting in the wings. Which makes sense, I suppose, since the 90s started 20 years ago....more

i always wear rubber shoes that's why I am very clumsy with high heeled shoes, so in time that i ...more

Holy Foods

 I know a lot of people who shop at Whole Foods. I work at the intersection of yuppie and hippie–there is no escaping it. ...more