The Day Dress, or What Little Girls Know that Big Girls Should

My typical style advice goes like this: Do not try to dress like a kid; you are a grown woman.  Wear some grown-up woman clothes.  Today, I am making an exception.   Little girls have the day dress figured out.  They know that a dress is just as practical -- and typically more comfortable -- than pants or a skirt.  They know that a dress requires less planning and less fussing.  They know that, in a pinch, they can toss some jeans or tights under that dress and still be ready to rock and roll.  Or at least run around.   We can learn a lot from little girls. ...more

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Easy wardrobe upgrade - The jacket

When you're thinking about how to upgrade your wardrobe without spending a fortune (and who isn't these days?) consider a jacket.  A really great fitted jacket can take you from work to weekend, and from day to night without any effort at all.  ...more

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