New Rules for Cleaning Out Your Clothes Closet

Do you hate to clean out your closet? Do you hang on to clothes far too long and then struggle to find anything to wear? Do you find that your clothes are wrinkled from being crammed into a space that is too small? Worse yet, do your clothes fall off the hangers and land in piles on the floor?...more

Home Tour: Master Closet Reveal!!

First thing is first before I get into all of the details about our master closet I’m going to do a copy and paste from my previous post about our Master Bedroom Reveal so you know where everything began: As far as the design goes it all started with the passing of my other Grandma: Eleonora....more

An old ladder gets retired to my closet as a ladder shoe rack!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen the amazing things done with old ladders on pinterest! My favorite of all time was an old ladder shoe rack and I just happened to have an old ladder myself! It was Grandpa’s and was used out here on the farm for many decades before being hung up on the side of the old garage where it hung for years upon years, just waiting for retirement....more

How to: Build your own inexpensive closet doors!

I’m very picky when it comes to closet doors, I don’t really like any of the options out there. First you have the rolling closet doors that, always, cover half the closet half the time and are a bit of a nightmare to install, nope, hate em. Then you have the old fashioned kind of closet doors where its basically just two interior days side by side that open out, I like this idea but they’re usually really heavy....more

3 Steps to Decluttering Your Clothes In One Day

Found and Bliss  Hello, & thanks for reading the post! Yes, it is a long wait for the book but I ...more

How to hang 4 to 6 skirts on 1 hanger

Organize and save lots of space in your closet using space saving hangers.   ...more

Index Card ShoeBox Organization

Like it or not, shoeboxes will always be a part of our life, at least for now.  I got very tired of looking at the eyesore of shoeboxes that made me reluctant to get certain pairs or even go in my closet at times. To get rid of this “tower of tragedy” I came up with a very simple and quick way 3 Step Way to organize my shoeboxes using index cards.  ...more

365 Reflections - Reflection 3

When I have time to kill surfing the net, one of my favorite things to do is to listen to a TED Talk. And one of the most memorable for me was the one I heard about the fact that as we have more things to choose from, the act of making a choice becomes harder. I know for me, this is a very accurate statement. Going to the grocery can take far too long if I am buying something out of the norm. For example, let's discuss a simple and common grocery item -  tomato sauce. Would you like meat or no meat?...more

Children's Closet Organization

  Have a closet with so much stuff and don't know what to do?...more

5 fall closet cleanout tips

  I mentioned ...more