10 Things I've Learned in Two Years of Cloth Diapering Triplets

Before our babies were born, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper. I loved the absence of chemicals and the positive environmental impact. I thought the cost savings would be helpful for the family budget. And the cute colors and patterns made me smile....more

DIY Baby Wipes - No sewing required - Just scissors

Moms-I can't tell you how long I spent researching how to make my own baby wipes. Sad, really. Especially because I can't get that time back. I bet if I had just asked my great-grandma, she would have told me in less than a minute how to do it. I mean, come on, she re-purposed old whiskey bottles into baby bottles. I'm going to save you time AND money by just cutting to the chase. No need to watch tons of YouTube videos. No need to run out and take a sewing class or buy a sewing machine (or something called a serger). You don't need to buy rolls of paper towels and cut them in half....more

Cloth Diapering Basics

 I get a lot of questions about cloth diapering, and it's been awhile since I've talked about it. ...more

DIY zippered wet bag

We cloth diaper around here, which means when we’re out and about, or B is at daycare, the dirty diapers have to go into something to keep the rest of his diaper bag clean.  This is where the wet bag comes in- it’s a fabric bag with a waterproof lining.  Theoretically we could just put them into a plastic bag, but that wouldn’t be nearly as fun!  Hey- when you’re dealing with poop, you have to have a little fun, right?...more

My Unexpected Saturday Afternoon Date

We had planned to drive to Raleigh today with C to visit the state farmer’s market, but when the temperature plunged and took her temperament down with it, I made the executive mom decision to put off our trip for tomorrow. I was bummed as I stood in the shower and realized that no family fun would be had today, and I braced myself to be let down once again when I announced to B that I would be taking the day off and going out on my own. But to my surprise, he understood my need to go out solo and just double-checked that we had enough peanut butter to sustain the two of them....more

The Scoop on Cloth Diaper Poop

If you are wondering how I’m getting around the scraping, flinging, or toilet swishing poop your in luck!  Because I’m going to tell you now.Click Here - To read part one of my intention to cloth diaper.With cloth diapering comes poop.  You no longer get to throw that poo filled diaper in the trash.  So what do you do with the poo?...more
@KarenLynnn There is no glue at all! Imagine a scentless chemical free dryer sheet. They work ...more

The Double Buzz

You know that buzz you get while doing something you are deeply passionate about? Wonder how you can increase that buzz (uh, naturally)? ...more

10 Ways to Cloth Diaper on a Budget

When it comes to deciding how to diaper your little one, there are lots of good reasons to choose cloth. Cloth diapers contain none of the harmful chemicals present in disposables, there is less waste going to the landfill and cloth diapering families often experience less diaper rash and skin irritations. Cloth can also be way cheaper in the long run than a couple of years of disposable diapers. Here are ten ways to save money by cloth diapering. ...more

We used a service for the first few months than said, "hey, we can do this ourselves!" and ...more

10 Weeks Down - A Newbie's Cloth Diapering Review

Ten weeks down, and still going strong. I have to say, I am proud of myself! I never thought I would be able to do it. It did take a bit of adjusting, but now that I am in the routine, it's really is not a big deal.Actually, I feel so good about it. I love the way the soft cloth feels on my new baby's bum. I love that she isn't peeing into chemicals and wrapped in plastic.Even better, I have saved nearly 500 diapers from going into landfills*....more

Thanks so much Trisha! I feel a bit more confident now dipping my toe in the "pre-fold waters". ...more

An Appliance PSA

I'm nothing if not honest. Sometimes maybe a little too honest. I can't help it. I believe my purpose here on Earth is to shepherd people away from making embarrassing mistakes. Since my own mortification threshold is pretty high at this point, I figured I'd spare some of you who are a little more genteel. Okay. Look. ...more

have thought it a problem to throw those in with everything else!

Thanks for sharing your ...more