Pajama pants say I am ready for bed not work

Working at home can do a number on your body image. Between talking on the phone, feeding the cat, doing bills the mirror catches your eye and you realize you are still in your pajamas. It is eleven a.m. you should be dressed, most people are getting dressed to go to work. No one can see you, people on the other end of the phone have no clue you are not in slacks and a blouse with make up done. They have no clue you are picking up toys, doing the laundry while taking their order or filling their needs. Multi tasking, taking care of business and the home all in a days work. ...more

I think getting dressed is very important when you work from home. Even if it is to put on a ...more

What Do You Pack for a Cruise? Here's How Not to Sink the Ship

If there's one thing I know a little something-something about, it's packing. I am, in fact, a champion packer. I could pack in the Packing Olympics, if such a thing existed, and I would bring home -- at the very worst -- a bronze medal. (Hey, it helps not to be too cocky about these things, you know? Truth be told, I'd probably get the gold, but I'm going to let you keep believing I'm modest.)So when Kristen came to me with a packing challenge, I knew I had to step up to the plate....more

You know what I loved most about this post? There were no kids involved! No diapers, no baby ...more

Sparkle Like the Rich Girls

For those of you that like the rich, sparkly eye color shades of a top name brand cosmetic line, there’s great news for you!...more

What's Your Style?

During my sophomore year of college I became quite smitten with a boy. The day he met me I was wearing a pink plaid button down shirt from American Eagle and over that a pink sweater with a hood from Hollister. He told a mutual friend of mine that I was a) gorgeous and b) I looked amazing in pink. Since then pink has been my color of choice....more

Welcome Back, Kotter

So I knew things were going to bad this season when I saw the preview for the Target Juniors fashion lineup (okay, I didn't really see a preview - I just saw it in the store - whatever). I suddenly had flashbacks to my days as a charm-bracelet-wearing punk goddess in big shirts, leggings, and jelly shoes. Someday when I actually hook up a scanner to my computer, I'll have to share the glory that is my 2nd (3rd?) grade picture. Just know that whatever wait there is before I post it, it will be truly worth it....more

Nanette Lepore, Samanta Cortes, lead fight to save NYC's Garment District

Some WVFC readers might remember a Nanette Lepore fashion catwalk we embedded last year, for one of our Pat Allen's posts; the very last dress in it, after all the signature Lepore pieces, was a T-shirt saying simply: SAVE THE GARMENT CENTE...more

She's No Victoria's Secret Model...

  My dogs are in need of serious therapy. ...more

National Sewing Month: In the Mood for Mending?

One of the three keywords for National Sewing Month, 2009, is REPAIR.  Which, when I look at sewing usually is eqivalent to "mending." Fist stop, is Craft Leftovers where Kristen Roach offers a perfect little Mending On the Go Kit Sewing Pattern. ...more

I think we all get mending block.  After all where is the reward or the pay-off for ...more

Refashioning with T-shirt. What's Your Style?

Back to school is starting to infiltrate our psyches. And many creative souls will choose to refashion their "new" wardrobe instead of running to the stores to purchase all new gear. Ofcourse one of the easiest and most versatile items to refashion is the cotton knit shirt (often aka the t-shirt). What are some things that we can do? ...more

These are only a few of the ideas! I see t-shirt hacks almost weekly and it always amazes me ...more

The Lists--Designers I love and own, and a few that I loathe and will NEVER own.

The Lists: Clothing Designers I like and own: Elie Tahari, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani (not Armani A/X), Alice + Olivia, Helmut Lang, Theory, Vertigo Paris, Carmen Marc Valvo,  ABS, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren purple label, Donna Karan black label, Nicole be continued   Clothing Designers Whose Clothes I will NEVER Wear: Liz Claiborne, Nine West, be continued   ...more