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There are numerous gadgets and strategies that can be utilized for getting fit at work. Practicing at work may appear to be inconceivable, yet it's one alternative for remaining fit and keeping your vitality up. There are several little devices for remaining fit at your office. Here are a few gadgets to help you get more fit: • Power Stepper...more

3 Core Consists of Digital Enterprise

Technology has already gained considerable grounds in the 21st century, as a major influence in not just daily routines, but also on almost everything business. With an extensive aggregate of connectivity already achieved and fuelled by private businesses, government infrastructures are finally ready to join the race for digital solution implementation. ...more

How Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing M&A?

Cloud computing gives the business various advantages. It permits better management in Mergers and acquisitions .It also helps to set up what is a virtual office to give the adaptability of interfacing with your business any place, at whatever time....more

5 Ways Cloud Technology Can Strengthen Your Business

If you haven’t already noticed, the workplace has changed dramatically over the last decade or so. Nowadays businesses are utilizing entirely different processes and leveraging non-traditional business structures to get things done. Thanks to advances in technology, business owners and up and coming entrepreneurs are now equipped with a whole range of options that can help them to effectively cut overhead business costs and streamline their company’s workflow at the same time....more

Innovations in The Cloud For Teachers

By now, almost everyone has heard of the cloud. While we all know that the cloud will revolutionize how we use computers, the exact details can be a bit confusing. When thinking about the cloud, it is best considered as a paradigm; information is stored online in this paradigm, and information is sent through browsers and other networked interfaces. The cloud has already revolutionized business, and it is coming to the medical field big way. In education, however, the cloud has yet to make a major splash....more

Cloud Computing Explained - in English! (Infographic & Video)

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asked, "What's cloud computing?" and you were at a loss for words that a neophyte regular person could understand?Infographic breaks it all downI found this really great infographic from Wikibon Blog that explain the 3 types of clouds and provides examples of their usage across different types of businesses. It gives real-world examples of private, public and hybrid clouds and uses a simple cloud/plane analogy to demonstrate the relative size of networks, with raindrops representing company size (in terms of employees)....more

Cloud computing IS confusing! I still don't know much about it. I usually stick with what my ...more

2010 Tech Trends: Facebook, eBooks, and the Groupon

2010 was a fascinating and fast-paced year for tech. Some trends that have been around for a while reached the tipping point this year, and some new trends are emerging that will dominate 2011. ...more

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The Cloud Economy

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