My Blog is Back and Comments Aren't Working

Well - my blog is back up and running and I'm LOVING my new design. But my comments aren't working and that sucks. Trying to fix that so please still have a looksy around! Here's today's post:...more

January Oki Pies

I recently joined a "Foodie" club, for lack of a better word. Basically, we get together once a month and eat delicious food! The host of the month picks a theme and all of the menu items. Then, each person attending picks an item from the menu and prepares it for the group. We end up with a variety of prepared dishes of awesomeness....more

The VegCookbook Club's Eight Favorite Vegan Recipes

In January, I started a new blog, VegCookbook Club, in the hopes of connecting with people who love to cook from cookbooks as much as I do, particularly vegan ones. To me, each vegan recipe feels like a little science experiment + a food adventure.  Will this really taste as good without cheese? Thicken without eggs? Be as delicious without bacon?...more
 @Elisa Camahort It's a solid cookbook. I'm surprised I'd never heard of the author before. The ...more

Music helps me heal...

When my ex-husband told me that he wanted to end our marriage, I spent that night crying to sleep and woke up thinking this was all just a dream. I was so lost. My heart and mind was filled with so many negative thoughts... and how my future felt so bleak and dark.  On the way to work that morning, out of habit, I turned on the music in my car.  It's the same type of music I have on my cd changer that I have been listening to which were varying degrees of trance, house and chillout music.  But on that day, I had an amazing epiphany....more

Social Anxiety Club

Are you like me, someone who dreads cocktail parties and barbeques, and who never knows what to say in social gatherings? My blog, Social Anxiety Club, follows the misadventures of a woman (myself, actually, very thinly disguised) who is trying to break out of her own struggles with sociability by forming a club. Entertaining results follow... Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear your comments! Jaena  ...more

Cooking Club - How to Get Started

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor...more