Women Who Inspire Us: My Labor & Delivery Nurse

I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest blogger for Rivki Silver over at LifeInTheMarriedLane before, and I was thrilled when she asked me to do it again. All jokes aside, this was a serious post about a woman who recently inspired me: My labor and delivery nurse.Here’s a little excerpt from the post (Note It’s a Q&A format):...more

Parenting While Sick: When Karma Throws One at You

Literally, one year ago, I (half-heartedly) confessed that my radar for determining whether or not my husband was truly sick or faking it for attention was a tad defective. In fact, I even nick-named myself the clueless caregiver when my neglectful bedside manner landed my husband in the hospital. You’d think that in a year’s time, I would have learned a thing or two from my mistakes, right?...more
Oh no, lol. Sorry, I laughed just because your writing is funny, but I really feel bad for all ...more

We Need a New Car

Remember how excited my husband and I were when we brought home our very first stick shift car, aka Jefe Blanco?...more
dealing with this right now with our dodge caliber and 2 kids. my hubby is 6'4 and the 2yo ...more

Nikki Flores Moves On

I can’t believe two whole years has gone by since my good old blogging days as a Clueless Newlywed! I have to admit…I’m embarrassed that I’ve let this much time go by without a peep. And for that, I am truly sorry. It’s amazing how fast life passes you by if you let it.But enough excuses. This is me…Nikki Flores…Telling you that I may not be a Clueless Newlywed anymore, but I still have a plethora of clueless adventures to share…...more
Oh my goodness! I am so sorry for never responding to your comments! I was never alerted!  ...more

Painting Walls vs. Painting Toenails

Given my current state (7 months pregnant and counting), I’ve reached the point where I can no longer contort my body into odd positions in order to paint my toenails. So you can imagine the predicament I found myself in this weekend when I realized that the pedicure I got for my birthday last month was looking a little shall we say, less than perfect. (SIDE NOTE: I don’t want to even go into details about how I was able to make this discovery. For now, I’ll simply say that I have a couple of pulled muscles, and a small bruise on my bum.)...more

From Grill Walk to Freeway Grilling

It’s been almost three years since we got hitched, and thus, the Clueless Newlywed part of my life is long since gone.  That being said, last week’s mayhem made me realize that I may not be a newlywed any longer but Nikki Flores is still very much clueless and very much married to an even far more clueless husband.  So what inspired me to sit down, begin writing...more