The Anxiety of Having Too Much

Having too much stuff is a growing epidemic in our modern world.  It is  commonplace have houses, garages, attics, basements, and storage sheds bursting at the seams.  Besides the enormous financial effects of owning all these things, what is it doing to our health?I recently came across the book "Life At Home In The Twenty-First Century", which was the end result of a nine-year project by researchers at UCLA.  This book examines what is really in our homes, and how we really live our lives.  The results are staggering....more

Sooo...I'm failing.

I wanted to post an update on how my Craigslist purge was going…but at the same time I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t follow through very well.  I decided that the best way to keep myself on-track was to be honest.  Sooo, I’m failing.  Yeah.  Big time.  I listed my first item for sale the day after the announcement of my purge (okay fine, it was a couple three days later, but that’s not the point!).  After a week, and several low-ball offers, I sold my dog crate for full asking price, $50....more

Organizing Your Legos

Organizing your LegosBY HOLLY · MARCH 3, 2015 This post contains affiliate links....more

GOOD CLUTTER........When Clutter Can Be A Good Thing....

GOOD CLUTTER…. When Clutter Can Be A Good Thing….. I am a very organized person. I like everything in its place……I like things neat and tidy and I do not as a whole like Clutter……I try to clear out unnecessary clutter  as much as possible….and yet I also realize the value of Clutter….There are times that Clutter can be a good thing….. Clutter in itself most often holds us back....more

Walking on Wednesday ~ Hoarder or Collector?

The million dollar question.One that inevitably creeps into your head when you are preparing for a yard sale. But even worse when hubby puts on Hoarders and refuses to change the channel for 3 hours....more
Collecting has been a way of coping for me...My daughter died in 2009 and I began collecting ...more

Thursday Thought (s) of the Day ~ Success, Impossible, and Things Are Just Things

Thursday Thought of the Day ~ Success, Impossible, and Things Are Just Things I have SO many thoughts going through my head these days!{it is even interrupting my sleep, which is not really common for me usually, but this week it is!}It was hard to pick just one Thought of the Day, I have more than one huge thought plaguing me on a regular basis these days....more

I Hate Moving Things

I Hate Moving Things! Just a small complaint today.Well a few rather large ones actually....more

All You Need Is Less

source: Pinterest...more
Denise It is amazing how it multiplies, isn't it? We can achieve, if we try!!more

Enough Procrastination ~ And Clutter!

source: alainn bellaWell, hopefully I can get through more of my list, but as you k...more
Karen Ballum Why do we clutter where we need to eat? I wonder this every time I have to clear ...more