GOP Debate: More Government Isn't the Answer to the Women's Wage Gap

For the first time in the primary debates, a Republican presidential candidate fielded a question on the wage gap between men and women. The Wednesday night debate, moderated by CNBC at the University of Colorado, Boulder, took a brief departure from the incessant talking over one another to discuss how the compensation playing field might be leveled.Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas addressed the wage gap question thusly:...more


God bless curling.You see my Jim watches CNBC.It is his only channel of choice. So now, the Olympics are on, and guess what-no stock market! It’s a pleasure to see him enjoy the women’s curling especially.His mind is under so many things right now that hopefully this will provide a little respite for him.Me? I go in and watch it, and come back out to the kitchen.I have always been a ski jump person, and of course, ice skating and dancing.This is pretty good timing, as we are so shot that anything to get our mind off of things is awesome. ...more

Green Your Caffeine

Can you believe that every day, citizens of our planet down 2.5 billion cups of coffee? And that in America alone, more than 450 million servings of "joe" are quaffed daily? By any measure that's a lot of caffeine. And as we are prone to do at SCGH, think about the stunning amounts of waste those Herculean numbers create. All those coffee filters and grounds, and all those paper cups, enough yearly to circle the globe 55 times when placed end to end! ...more

I saw your appearance and wanted to say that this piece really caught my attention. I'm always ...more


Have you ever felt guilty about watching your favorite sporting event or drama instead of the documentary that you should be watching?...more

It was very shocking! I couldn't believe the money this industry is making for basically just ...more

Comedians As Journalists? The Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer Dustup

It's time for CNN, FOX News Channel, MSNBC, CNBC and Bloomberg to put Jon Stewart and David Letterman on the payroll. Comedians as journalists.  I'm lovin' the idea. Exhibit A:  Last week when "The Daily Show's" host Jon Stewart kicked CNBC's Jim Cramer right in the assets.  Channeling the public's moral outrage over the failures on Wall Street, Stewart ripped CNBC and Cramer into tiny bits of ticker tape and sprinkled the pieces all over the television news landscape.  ...more

Fixing CNBC - with comedians and progressives

Last week, a somewhat comic, somewhat serious feud between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer brought to the surface what many of us were thinking: CNBC, in particular “Mad Money,” practices pretty shoddy journalism. Stewart stated, and rightly so, that pundits like Cramer serve as a PR machine for Wall Street instead of holding Wall Street accountable. Cramer even admitted to Stewart that he allows guests to tell blatant lies on his show, and fails to challenge or rebut those lies. ...more