4 Ways to Fight Lung Cancer Today With the Purple Toes Campaign

The Purple Toes campaign, created to support my friend Valerie, and featured on BlogHer this past December, continues to raise awareness and funding to fight lung cancer. We’ve exceeded our initial goal to raise $10,000 for the Lung Cancer Foundation with over $12,000 to date. We’ve also received a lot of “purple toes” pictures. Each and every one makes Valerie smile. ...more
Hello, I had the pleasure of meeting Valerie today in Arden Fare mall. I am so happy that I ...more

Transracial and International Adoptions: New Trends, But the Same Questions

There's a growing trend in adoption: African-American children who are being adopted by European families. Reading recent stories in mainstream publications about this trend, as well as transracial adoption issues in North America, I see a lot of questions that never seem to get answered: How does race play into adoption decisions, by both potential adoptive parents and the agencies that work with them?...more
We found an adoption center named ais4 adoption and were delighted at there response and the ...more

Caloric Content of Muffins Outweighs Gruesome Texas Showdown in State Senate

At 11:30 p.m. last night, eastern time, I sat hunched over my desk, a glass of wine at the ready, readying manuscripts to send to magazine editors. I nearly jumped out of my chair when the shrill sounds of a woman with a "parlimentary inquiry" blasted over my computer speakers.I'd totally forgotten about the Texas filibuster! Not because I wasn't interested, but because news outlets apparently couldn't care less about the veritable circus going on within the chambers. No one was saying anything....more

Modern Sexism

The problem is subtlety. The problem is "how far we've come." The problem is enlightenment. The problem is a society that congratulates itself on the freedom and equality all face when compared to how it was, when compared to where it is elsewhere. This is the problem....more

Carol Costello and Suzanne Malveaux of CNN make my blood boil

For the record, I don't have a problem with moms who choose to work outside the home.  I especially admire widows, single moms, and women with disabled husbands or unemployed husbands who must take on the role of sole provider for the family.  In fact, after having one particular child of mine, I have grown to appreciate the need for some time apart to help our love grow.  Some moms are really unhappy at home and that's no good for the children.  Others sacrifice seeing their children in order to provide the child more opportunities or to live more comfortably. ...more

When Docs Get Annoyed At Empowered Patients

I felt my ire rise when I read this article on CNN about how patients are giving their doctors headaches. Apparently, this video entitled “The Patient Who Knows Too Much”, which is part of a training program aimed at doctors to help them deal with “difficult patients,” has caused quite a stir....more

To read more from BUTTERFLY go to ...more

A Meeting of the Minds: Parents & Childfree

As many of you I am sure are aware, there tends to be a myth out there that only the childfree are the ones who don’t like children. They would be more likely to write something like this:...more

Permissive Parents: Beat your Brats

Okay, so maybe LZ Granderson said "Curb your Brats" in the title, but if you read even a bit of his obviously enhanced-for-web-traffic piece, you'll see that I'm not so far off.Granderson says he has an issue with parents unable or unwilling to discipline their children. If this were really the case, I'd back him up 100 percent. But that's not what I got from his unsubstatiated, anecdotal diatribe....more

A Tramp Isn't Just What She Wears

You know that CNN piece that has everyone up in arms? You know, the one that starts with the guy describing a delicious-looking eight-year-old girl and ends with him blaming the parents for wanting to be their kids' besties instead of their guardians? ...more

Would you like a Gun or Pizza with your purchase? Semiautomatic Marketing

Ever since I've owned and ran my own specialty boutique years ago I've cherished this important lesson: You've got to discover who "your people" are and speak to them! ...more