Has Giving Co-Workers Holiday Gifts Become Politically Incorrect?

"So," I asked Cindy,* an HR specialist for a Fortune 50, "Do you give your co-workers holiday gifts?""They aren't allowed," she explained. "Not even a secret Santa?" "If we do anything it's a white elephant gift exchange, but probably not even that."Next, I asked my friend Ellen* who put in a lifetime in corporate America before becoming a foreign car salesperson."Are you going to give your co-workers holiday gifts?" ...more

I run a small business, so I guess I dont have to live with corporate mandates quiet as much, ...more

Penelope Trunk Says Miscarriage Tweet All Part of Having Asperger's Syndrome

On September 21, 2009, Penelope Trunk, a divorced mother of two, aka The Brazen Careerist, was sitting in a board meeting when she realized she was having a miscarriage. Penelope decided to tweet the workplace event....more

There is one individual close to me with this affliction and the one characteristic I see the ...more

Co-Workers: family, friends, foes or no?

Today many of us who work outside of our homes who were fortunate enough to have a long holiday weekend celebrating the efforts of the American workforce will return to our cubicles, classrooms, construction sites or wherever it is we earn our living. And chances are, whatever our place of business, we will not be alone when we get there, like it or not. Wherever you work, whatever you do, more often than not you do it with other people.  ...more

One of my greatest learning experiences came from dealing with someone whose mission in life ...more

Do You Work In An Office Full Of Backstabbers?

There are few personality types I find more fascinating in the workplace than the backstabber. Their ability to smile and act as if they have your best interests in mind while all the time they are either undermining your authority,subtly placing doubt about your competence,or out-and-out lying about situations,is truly breathtaking.How do they do it? ...more
They're called "frenemies," meaning, people that pose as friends but are really enemies (this ...more

Problems with the Company Picnic

It's almost summer, which in my company means family picnics and other such outings. Unfortunately, I work at a company which does not allow singles to invite a plus one unless they are married. While I want to attend the festivities and realize it’s important for my career, I cannot tolerate another corporate affair on my own. How can I overcome these unfair family-friendly policies? SingleEdition.com's Career Expert Alyson D'Anna's Answer: ...more

Navigating new jobs and new personalities

Starting a new job is often a thrilling and nerve racking experience. You are excited for your new adventure but nervous about learning the ropes. Each business and office environment is different. They all come with their own set of quirks and personalities. ...more

Good Friends Will Always Be Good Friends!

On the journey through life you will find people that you know will always be your friends. I am lucky to have found not one person, but a very special group of people, that I will be privileged to always call my friends. This group of friends are former co-workers who have always had my back, always made me laugh until my sides hurt, always shared their knowledge with me, always gave-even before I needed to ask, always loved me for exactly (and perhaps in spite of) who I am. ...more

Japanese Company Offers Lovelorn Workers Heartbreak Leave

Have you just found out your partner's cheating on you with your best friend? Did someone just dump you by text message? ...more

10 Signs You're About To Get Fired and What To Do About Them

We all know the signs; whispering, cold shoulder treatment, discretely placed pink slips. It’s not hard to tell when you’re headed to the unemployment line but what do you do during that awkward time before you get the boot? Here are 10 ways to handle the stress: ...more